Quick bites – Scottish independence and share of UK debt

This is probably right, reported by IPJ:

UK government to say it will be responsible for all government debt if Scotland votes for independence, according to sources


– UK government will seek a deal with an independent Scottish government on its share in debt.

Update details:

– The referendum on whether Scotland should be an independent country will take place on Thursday 18 September 2014.


My question is how “seeking a deal” translates into “will be responsible for all”.


3 responses to “Quick bites – Scottish independence and share of UK debt

  1. Ha! I have found you again Dear Sir. Were you trying to hide? Your old url seems to be utterly dead all of a sudden.

    Now… A question for your opinion: I am a Scot, born and bred, but also of course a UK citizen. If by some amazing eventuality my compatriots vote “Yes” in September (although we actually have no real details of what that would be “Yes” to), will I be able to convert my current UK citizenship into citizenship of whatever is left of what the UK then calls itself? (The Disunited Kingdom, perhaps?). I don’t see how other people’s votes could take my current citizenship of the UK away from me. I may be prepared to move to England if absolutely necessary. Maybe somewhere up North… Yorkshire or thereabouts? Maybe even renting temporary accommodation in a canal boat? If only I could find such a thing, and perhaps a sponsor?

    Anyway, good luck with the continuation of your blog, which is always interesting to read.

  2. Truth is I haven’t thought this one through. What’s the prevailing opinion?

    • I have not heard it debated. Just thought of it today. So I looked it up on Google and first thing I found was this on the BBC News website:

      “Current UK Border Agency policy states that British subjects can keep their British passport, as long as the country in which they want to hold another passport (which in this case would be an independent Scotland) allows dual nationality.”