The Nail

If you look at Nigel’s recent interview in the sidebar, it’s one of his best. He’s calmer and he’s thought out his position better.

The PTB realize this so continue to search out stories on, for example, homosexuals causing the storms and so on to discredit UKIP. All that does is move people closer to the position in the vid. This is not crazy, not phobic, it is the actuality out there.

And so to The Nail, courtesy Amfortas.

Women are, IMHO, more than just one half of humanity. The aura of womanhood is one which has been both consciously and tacitly fostered throughout history, from the muse and femme fatale to the great mother figure. There’s far more to being a woman than just simple biology.

There are also definite characteristics of each sex which give the comedians their material and everyone knows it is so. This is one of them:

Two sectors of womanhood in league with the devil have taken certain leanings, fears and phobias natural to women and skewed them, dehumanized them, set women on a collision course with men or else have done the opposite – turned them into objects.

I mean the radical feminist PCists and not far behind, the Rihanna/TOWIE/celeb/tart sector which is doing just as much damage, even in its supposed rejection of feminism. It’s leaping from the sexless frump to the gauche slapper.

The victims are not only ordinary men but ordinary women too. In being influenced by the male model of the Francois Hollande, man becomes a feckless ne’er-do-well, unable to commit and having damn good reason not to commit today. Or else he becomes a metro.

Women develop this “don’t oppress me” thing, coupled with this “I can do anything, hear me roar”, which is just so ludicrously false and turns off men something awful.

Those models of humanity have to stop because they militate against the proper relation between male and female – complementary, the steps of a dance, each bringing unequal and not the same elements together which make up the whole. And just as a female dancer can’t dominate and spin the man around her little finger, nor can man, when he lifts and spins her, keep that up for very long. Each has to want to make that dance work and it takes work.

You can’t help but feel sorry for those who have not experienced that chemistry between male/female because it is the only genuine reason for being together – not money, not sex, not power. And it is increasing – you saw the primary aged child asked about it the other day and he/she said you look at each other and then you go to bed and do sex. That’s the sum total of it, he/she was being told – there ain’t no more.

How sad.

One aspect of The Nail which might not have struck you or might have is that it required a female to cooperate in the making of it so in a way, even though it’s about the impossibility of good relations, in fact she’s joining with him in such a dance.

There’s hope. Perhaps. Maybe it’s a measure of my own exasperation and intolerance in the face of intolerance but if she tried that finger waving “don’t even think of talking to me” on me, I wouldn’t react as that man did.

I’d have said to her, “Now listen. You have a nail in your head.” And as she tried the finger waving curtailment, I’d say, “No you shut it for a moment. You have a bloody nail in your head. That is what is causing your problems. Now you can either take that onboard and remove the nail or we have no communication.”

And it is the same in any field. Were it an alcoholic, I’d have said, “You have a drink problem. You can use whatever kind of defence mechanism you like but you have a drink problem. There it is.” The rest is then up to the alcoholic to come to terms with.

And it’s the same principle on this blog. So, we might say here is a clear issue. Many people are writing on this issue here, here and here. You can either take it on board or try this defensive game of counterpunching, which doesn’t alter the reality in the least. Ball’s in your court. I’m just the messenger.


3 responses to “The Nail

  1. Just read some of the comments on the vid at youtube and it shows clearly what we are up against. A woman commented:

    “For anyone who is tired of everyone trying to fix them..”

    In other words, she saw only the man trying to fix her and that was the issue. She asks: “Get the picture?” which she clearly doesn’t and will continue exactly the way the woman in the vid acts.

    The “picture” is in a comment further down:

    “Men want to fix a problem.. While women just want to tell you about a problem.. This video is not far from the truth… ”

    There it is. And since when is it not empathetic to want to fix a problem quickly? The empathy is in listening, taking onboard what the issue is and then acting on it. Simples. Not in listening and then refusing to do anything.

    But then, I’m not a woman.

    • Funny, I admit – but I was glad Cherie was able to help fix your initial blog issue (before this current hosting one, if I read that correctly)

      I think someone standing outside your issue, from a different perspective, is always helpful, especially if it’s an issue they experienced it themselves – regardless of gender.

      However, in other situations, there can be arrogance of a person assuming they know how to “quickly fix you”, though they’ve never experienced the issue themselves – but it depends on the person, the issue and that other person’s approach – and how many nails they have in their own head they can’t see 😉

      Just stopping by, as our trip was postponed for two weeks, and I thought there was to be a post on what happened with your hosting service…

  2. The illustration may focus on just the one sort of interaction typical in M-W relationships but can be applied to so many others too. Illegal asylum seekers drowning at sea for example.

    As for the illustration and the insistence on ‘just listening’, it never seems to be enough when she wants the dishwasher fixed or shelves put up, or even the toilet seat put down.