Of rape, infibrilation and other issues


Rossa asks quite rightly [as other ladies have done, in part]:

Well we’ve discussed rape and abortion and women on the front line. Perhaps you could consider a break from ‘feminazism’ and see what you can do about genital mutilation by men on teenage girls with no anaesthetic and using a knife or shard of glass to remove the labia and clitoris in the name of ‘purity’.

And it is done in PUBLIC is some countries, while over here at least it’s in private even if still horrific. Imagine if you were forcibly circumcised in front of a mob of women under the same conditions.

Not just that, women’s feet being bound, those rings put into women’s lips and neck lengthening all under the influence of men who dominate the societies where women are told/believe that this is how they can be attractive to the men.

Puts the western ‘fight’ between genders into perspective. Not saying that is wrong because I agree with you, but there are lots of abuses being done to women by men that get ignored or overlooked because we’re so caught up in the politics of human relations in a society where these things are known about but are ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

I do tend to not read these things either but as this is now happening more frequently in the UK it’s on our own doorstep so shouldn’t be overlooked.



We can’t cover it all today but let’s start with this one below.   Men can sympathize with her here but can they empathize?

Schoolgirl gang-raped by five men as she walked home when she was 13 but was left so traumatised she didn’t tell anyone for three years

What came through from what ladies have told me is that it is not so much an issue of age per se but whether you’re ready and wanting.

You might make a case that a 13 year old TOWIE who is so twisted by the gaming, media and peer pressure all around her might feel she’s ready.    If it’s some boy she’s keen on and as long as she can control events, she might not be traumatized, you might argue.   I’d dispute that and say that the coercion now at a young age is unconscionable but then – I’m more conservative than many. Another post later on that one.

A woman of 40 though, rudely taken by three thugs would feel traumatized and deeply angry, perhaps not just at those “men” but at men in general.

As a man, I’d be mightily pissed if anyone wanted to enter my body[highly unlikely].   If I go to the doc for an injection, I know what’s coming.  If I want to try gay, I’m ready for it.  But the other is rape, forcible invasion.

I once came home to find the box I’d built to house my rare vinyl recordings had had the lid ripped off and the records taken – I imagine that feeling of mine was not unlike the reaction to rape and I vowed vengeance on the bastards.   I can only imagine what a violation of my body in addition would feel like and I think I’m almost getting the idea. Not good.

Men don’t spend a lot of time thinking of these things and perhaps women don’t either in their day to day but whenever such a case comes up in the media, I can see that women might half feel it’s being done to them too, to all of them.

And this is what I mean by the two sexes being unequal.   Amfortas presents the men’s side and so it should be presented and it is not equal – it is specifically men being targetted.   But in this way – the rape, the infibrilation, the mores – it is women squarely targetted and not boys and men.

I plead guilty to calling PCists and feminists out and shall continue to do so and if the balance is therefore skewed from my pen, it’s because the media puts mainly issues of western women’s power grabbing [parachutees et al] which need to be countered but not much on the real issues women face – e.g. rape, infibrilation, burkhas and all the rest of it.

It’s easy for males who don’t read femlit to say western feminists do not address these sorts of issues but if you skim through Google, it’s true – it’s all about women’s pay, women’s quotas, women’s power, it really is, for govt pampered western woman.

Precious little attention to these primitive societies and what is done to their sisters.

If a man has any claim to being chivalrous, then methinks he needs to spare time to address these things, championing women’s safety, doing the derelict feminists’ job for them.

Infibrilation is barbaric, it really is. I’m seriously horrified, can’t watch.

I did read an article on it once and was appalled because it is not just circumcision – one snip and a fleshy bit is gone – it’s a process involving extended pain and horror for a sentient child.   And why on earth would any society want to do that to a girl?   There’s such a thing as education by the village, there’s such a thing as chastity belts if we want to go all mediaeval, which we don’t.

And why would the Chinese have that attitude to their girls?   I’ve never been able to understand institutionalized barbarity to women.    You don’t need to keep women down to allow the natural order to rule and the natural order is men and women working in together, complementing one another, each with his or her own strengths but we’ve posted enough on that.

Coming back to the rape and the cry-rape stories – why on earth would the mainly young women do these things when it plays into the anti-cry-rape argument? They are ruining it for their sisters for whom the rape really is genuine and genuine means when she doesn’t want – that’s the only criterion.

You don’t play games with this, like dressing like a tart, going into a crowded bar and teasing the men – it’s odds on you’ll get yours later and we’re talking what is here, not what should be.

Sure “no” can mean “yes” when the two are already underway – wine, roses, meal – and her body language says yes and there are ways to get it so, of course.

But no is no when delivered in a certain way and can possibly be no when delivered in another. Methinks if you can’t discern between the two, you shouldn’t be dallying with a woman in the first place. To me, it’s very simple – if she let’s you in gradually via sweet surrenders, she is still sensitive to any hint of force and yet in some ways, force is what she wants, there comes a point you must make the move – it’s a grey area but for men, the only safety is to be aware and not see her as a piece of meat. Simples.

What helps immensely is sticking to one partner and knowing exactly when no means no.

None of which has anything to do with the sort of rape mentioned in the linked article above. Trouble is there is not enough social disgust among the young men and much of that is down to the conditioning, gaming, media, the substitution of degenerate values for old values but that’s another swathe of posts.

And why is there so little social disgust? Because women have been made objects, often aided and abetted by themselves, in the inordinate emphasis on sex uber alles – we’ve been through all that before – plus the naked power-grabbing of Harmans et al causing men to turn away from women in general ands say you’re on your own, sister, take your chances. And she may not be a Harman, she may have never said those things.

Remember the Nail, about women wanting something talked out and men wanting it fixed? Well, how do we fix this one? In order of priority, the infibrilation and physical violence must stop. No question. The rape must stop. Then we can address the other issues.

Trouble is there is no one to educate young men about things – the ones doing all this have no respect for women and sorry but women often don’t help their own cause. Women have ceased with their greatest weapon of defence – they’ve lost the sacrosanct nature of the citadel. Everyone’s complicit in this, everyone, even by not speaking out.

It IS our job, as men, to protect women and children and if the PC sector have ruined attitudes towards women, then I’d suggest that’s a separate issue. If Harriet Harman was being physically attacked, I’d still step in to defend her, most men would, despite everything the silly cow has said and done. That’s part of being a man – getting s*** from the woman but riding over it and still being chivalrous.

My gf once said what she needed was that despite the way she carried on, she had to know I could override that, handle it, even ignore it and still be there. To her, that was being a man. On the other hand, woman has this amazing ability to keep supporting the man she’s set her eyes on, whatever he does to her.

If you take the point of view that we are NOT equal or the same in our approach, then it’s logical that men adopt this stance mentioned by the ex-gf. We can start by speaking out about this yob culture and also press for anyone guilty of the barbaric practice on foreign girls to be allowed no place in Britain.

That’s a start.


4 responses to “Of rape, infibrilation and other issues

  1. “”Amfortas presents the men’s side ….” Hmmmm yes, quite often, but I do not neglect the women either. In other places on the web I am constantly making men think of women as well as men as moral agents under attack and lacking in adequate response … indeed part of the attack themselves. I am constantly upbraiding what I refer in print to as ‘farm-boys’ (as opposed to Knights) and their complete disregard for women and girls and their misogynistic negative-values. If I have a major theme it is Moral and Intellectual decay.

  2. The Independent has, for once, done a sterling job highlighting that 50% of abortions are gender related. That’s 100k girls aborted for ‘cultural’ reasons. Despite denials from TPTB, they found the info in the last census where the swing towards males in certain communities clearly showed a bias not supported in the general population.

    One ‘reason’ is that a girl is more expensive because culturally a dowry is expected. I think these communities overlook something that the Chinese have only just started to recognise having had the same problem with their one child only policy, which has only recently been relaxed. Too many males means that are lot of them will remain single and unable to find a wife. Therefore no children at all, though one could argue that’s a good thing in some countries. As divorce and multiple partners is also less likely culturally this is a demographic timebomb.

  3. Earlier comments under Rossa had to be moderated. So I’ve created a WP account but Rossa was taken, but Rossa59 is ok.

  4. That’s what made Russia so good for me[n] – 58% female. Not bad stats.