Wimmin in flying machines

Ladies on bikes can be attractive, but what really gets Amfortas’s attention is a lady with her hand on a joystick and a yen to strut her stuff in the sky.

Courageous, skilful, ladies. Adventurous. Prepared to do the hard yards needed to qualify and astound.

Like these.

Svetlana Kapanina – FAI EAF Riga 2011

Simone lands her B737-800 at Helsinki

Pakistan Female Fighter Pilot Combat Ready

Women Pilots of the World

Melissa Pemberton aerobatic pilot at 24

Paola lands her 747 at Almaty!


4 responses to “Wimmin in flying machines

  1. Clever women. Don’t I just love’em.

  2. You missed out Carolyn Grace and her Spitfire:

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the lady and her two sons on more than one occasion. Quite a remarkable achievement she’s made – not just coping with the loss of her husband and bringing up the family on her own, but learning to fly a legendary aircraft as well.

  3. Microdave to the front, Sir. Thank you for a wonderful addition here. A Great Gal.