C of E not fit for purpose

There are some things which are so bleedin’ obvious to anyone sentient:

Church risks break up, says Carey: Former Archbishop warns Anglicans should stop ‘dancing to the world’s agenda’

Someone in the elite says it at last.   When I revisited my Anglicanism some weeks back – you may recall some posts – it was this which shocked me.  In a discussion with both a vicar and a lay worker at a major cathedral, the line they were taking was unscriptural on many issues and it was to appease people infested by modernism.

The whole point of Christianity is that it is an immovable rock.   Antiquated, timeless, eternal, the message never altering one iota.   Uncompromising, not relative.   How these two people could look me in the eye and justify bending the Word to “try to attract more people” amazed me.

It is precisely the Laodecian nature of the CofE now which turns people off.   And if people don’t want the message in scripture, is it helped any by saying w-e-e-e-l-l-l-l, we’re not that bad, you know, we’re really quite hip?    Do the ungodly out there really think these swinging priests and nuns are, like, fashionable, man?

Anyone seriously entering a church, aside from as tourism, is not going there to be placated, he or she is going there to touch base with his or her Maker.

The question of whether you accept a deity, accept strictures on marriage and sex, on ethical dealing with others, is not the point here – the point is that there is an institution which is meant to be pushing this line and it is not doing it.  Therefore, it is no longer fit for purpose.

But we’ve known this a long time.


2 responses to “C of E not fit for purpose

  1. XX it is an immovable rock. Antiquated, timeless, eternal, the message never altering one iota. Uncompromising, not relative. XX

    A dinosaur refusing to move with the times, and insisting on abiding by 7th Century living standards.

    O.K. So much for the Mouslims, what were you saying about Christianity?

  2. The Catholic Church has reached a similar impass and disintegration. The kow-towing to ‘yoof culcha’ and ‘wimmin’ as opposed to educating young people in immoveable, timeless, Truths and Understanding, (the ‘eternal is simple repetition) and facilitating the spiritual life of full womanhood since ‘Vatican 2, has taken its toll. But at least the kernel, the core of those Truths and Understanding is intact. The CoE started off by departing from the core. Both have allowed and enabled the worst kind of cowardly and vainglorious priests and vicars who now occupy major roles.