Quick bites – St Aidan

800px-Lindisfarne_Castle_from_HarbourCherie is running a piece on St Aidan, she links here and there’s always Wiki.

This is my heartland.  Northumbria, inc. Deira and the Irish connection are the strands from which my family is descended on both sides.   Roughly speaking, the area from West Riding, in a sweep through York and up to Lindisfarne, is my homeland.  It’s also one reason I like mead.

Thanks, Cherie for mentioning St Aidan.


2 responses to “Quick bites – St Aidan

  1. Happy I inspired you 🙂 There are more to come from me in this area in the next few days.

  2. XX Lindisfarne, is my homeland. It’s also one reason I like mead. XX

    Through the Scandinavian family records, which are some of the first in the world, we can trace our family, tenuously, back to Ragnar Lodhbrok. We MAY come and visit….again. 😀 😀

    I hope the mead is ready this time! 😦