Weapon of choice?

Let’s say you only had a choice of a sidearm plus one of these for use inside your perimeter defences, not for offensive patrols.   Which way are you thinking on this?



H&K MP5:


Bushmaster M4 Carbine

bushmaster m4 carbine

590 Mossberg Shotgun


FN P90


RossiOverlandSBSSide SOS



6 responses to “Weapon of choice?

  1. Sidearm: short barrel Uzi.
    Perimeter defense: non of the above – an AK47 instead because it just works. Besides I like using one as well as the Uzi.

    I have been considered a bloodthirsty type as are many of my generation.

  2. Carry an MP5 nearly every day (we DO get days off, after all). Good for close range short burst, but about as accurate as a seagull shitting on speed over any “long range.”

    Benefits include, nice and short… which of course does not help accuracy, and do not mind the weather.

    Mossburg… na prefer the 500 riot gun, as issued to the U.S Police. The one shown here is to long.

    Rossi… single shot? You takin’ the piss or what?

    Bushmaster and Sig, again, to long.

    FN P90…Hmmm. I must find out if I can get a go of one. IF it is reasonably accurate, then….

  3. BUT!!! For perimeter defence, you can really NOT beat Claymore mines. You just have to remember you put them there before going for a strole in the garden.

  4. Uzi’s discontinued. Perimeter mines good. P90 I think uses 5.6. All other points above – good. More serious post about weapon choice coming up this evening.

  5. Can’t see the point if it comes to it of messing about, and a lot more fun !