What’s wrong with this pic?

1 [Assume this is a single malt in the glass]


And four other questions:

2.  Byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, ……, …… ?

3.  Calliope was the muse of epic poetry, Clio was the muse of history, Erato was the muse of love poetry, Euterpe was the muse of music, Melpomene was the muse of tragedy, Polyhymnia was the muse of sacred poetry, Terpsichore was the muse of dance, …… was the muse of comedy, Urania was the muse of …… .

4.   A Tanzanian soccer match was postponed in 1978 after the referee was arrested on the pitch just before the kick-off. What had he supposedly done?

5.  Odd one out?

odd one out


18 responses to “What’s wrong with this pic?

  1. No 1. There’s ice in it.

  2. In one, Pete – obviously a whisky drinker.

  3. The glass is neither half full, nor half empty, and ice. Filthy Sassenach habit.
    That ethical animal lot.
    3.Gazing into the middle distance, or toilet reading or something.
    Dribbling on the pitch? Or not smoking the sponsors products perhaps?
    a. Could get you into a lot of trouble in certain company.

  4. 1 and 5 – of course.
    4 – close, it’s about smoking.
    2 – you know anyway.
    3 – hmmmm.

  5. I agree with Pete (and James); it’s the ice.
    Are you sure you have not made a mistake in the question (as in missing out gigabyte or something similar). If not, the best answers I have are yottabyte, yotta-yottabyte. This as in 1024^8 and 1024^16 bytes: but that is just so iffy.
    I have these, but I asked a friend: is that allowed?
    Not the faintest: and I’m not going to cheat.
    I think it is ‘d’; but not dissimilar logic makes it ‘c’ or ‘a’. Different but plausible logic makes it ‘b’ or ‘c’.

    Re 2 and 5, I used to get very annoyed coming across these things in tests for my kids (on which their educational progression would be based). I saw multiple answers and little or anything to choose between them.

    Best regards

  6. Something strange happened to my numbering: you will have to count paragraphs.

    Best regards

  7. I was going to answer number 1 it stands out like a sore thumb!! But I see Pete beat me too it 😉

  8. Oops – gigabyte now in.

  9. Looking again at number 5 I think the odd one out is D!

  10. Chuckles had it, Cherie.

  11. Well I am obviously not following that thought process through if his answer to number 5 was:

    a. Could get you into a lot of trouble in certain company.

    Like Nigel, I see more than one answer 😉

  12. Are you secretly practicing to do a Mensa test James? Too late here in Oz. We decided to change the test to an easier one later this year. The National Committee had been convinced that the average IQ had risen since Cattell’s test was first published and the norms were now out of date. The average Oz IQ is now 98.

  13. XX Urania was the muse of …… XX

    They are taking the piss, right?

  14. Cherie,
    First time I saw the question, I said a., because it is the only one that cannot be constructed from standard dominoes.
    Second time I looked, I noticed that all could be folded into a cube, with b,c,d producing a correctly numbered die (opposite sides sum to 7), but a. does not, so answer again a. Playing dice with such numbering would, in many environs, not be conducive to longevity.

    • Thanks for the explanation 🙂

      It was the cube folding idea that I was looking at. I realised after I had commented that D could be folded into a dice. I should have taken more time with my thought 😉

      Whilst we are on the subject of dice (and certain environs)… Plastic dice are more reliable for a random roll. In wooden dice the weight is not necessarily evenly balanced, one or more numbers may be favoured and turn up more frequently, so the roll is not completely random.

      I will leave you to wonder how I came about that snippet of information 🙂

  15. Ah!!: I see you have surreptitiously edited Q2 of the original post.

    Where is my credit?

    Best regards

  16. Cherie, Amfortas – quite possibly.
    Nigel – all credit to you for your answer.
    Chuckles – my brain hurts.