Perspective – what is old, what is new

Perspective – one of the most cogent reasons for books of quotations, such as the Oxford edition I have in my hand, for in many of those quotes we’re reminded that the malaise has been with us a long time, even if it is getting to the business end of oppression again by the PTB.

# Who overcomes by force hath overcome but half his foe. [Milton, Paradise Lost, 1667]

# If men are born free, how is it that women are born slaves? [Mary Astell, 1706]

# War … diminution of the love of truth … [Samuel Johnson, 1758, in The Idler]

# I do not wish women to have power over men but over themselves [Mary Wollstonecraft, 1792]

# Wherever books will be burned, there also, in the end, men are burned. [Heine, 1823]

# Queen Vic … monstrous regiment [1870]

# Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. [Albert Einstein, 1941]

# Nineteen Eighty Four [1949]

# Hell, I never vote for anyone, I always vote against [WC Fields, 1950]

# Wherever you have an efficient government, you have a dictatorship. [Harry S. Truman, 1959]

# I say violence is necessary – it’s as American as cherry-pie. [H Rap Brown, 1967]

In this context, remember Bill Ayres and the Weathermen, Patty Hearst.

# Being a woman is only of interest to aspiring male transsexuals … [Fran Lebowitz, 1978]

# In my youth, there were words you couldn’t say in front of a girl; now you can’t even say girl. [Tom Lehrer, Telegraph, 1996]

The radicalism of 1776 and the 1880s, communism seen as a solution, the Who’s Won’t Get Fooled Again [1971] – all of these are a reminder that it’s been happening a long time.

1910-13: the Fed and even then those men hid what they were doing, there was Lindbergh Senior, Warburg, the Frankfurt School of 1923, the mind control of the 50s to 1973.

And people have always dreamed of arresting a criminal such as Blair but it never happened … and life just went on with the PTB encroaching, encroaching, not even hiding it anymore, the economy collapsing and a war to mop it all up.

The 20s were neither more nor less than the 60s – same ideas, same debauchery where in Paris and Berlin, wives and mothers sold themselves for money to stay alive but also for greed and the throwing off of the shackles of decency on a pretext – always any pretext – nothing changes.

Panics are dotted back through America’s history and every time, there’s a Peabody or JP Morgan under some name behind it. Dixie told the mob to find Biddle, the head of the bank [1833]:

In early 1833, Jackson, despite opposition from his cabinet, decided to withdraw the government’s funds out of the Bank … In September 1833, Taney helped transfer the public deposits to seven state-chartered “pet” banks that were friendly to the administration … Faced with the loss of the federal deposits, Biddle decided to raise interest rates and deliberately induce a recession. A mild financial panic ensued from late-1833 to mid-1834.

It’s never changed. Tammany Hall.

People speak of cycles, that which comes around again and we’d be forgiven for looking back at history through these quotes and thinking the current malaise will pass and all will be well again.

Except that this time it’s different. Rather than a model of waves and cycles, there is a countermodel of a person having bouts of sickness, recovering, more bouts, recovering but one day a massive bout hits and he doesn’t recover, he has moments of lucidity on the way down but down he does go, like someone with AIDS or cancer.

In these last two generations X and Y, the social engineering has become so global, in no small measure through the net and world culture, the children have gone so far beyond their parents’ guardianship, that they’ve fallen prey to, frankly, debauchery.

And under the guise of fine words such as tolerance, fairness and kindness, the last of the stern moralists are marginalized, crawl away and die. The church is silent. Islam rises as the only cogent moral force.

If only self-centric people could stop and see what is happening. If I mention children, it is because this is where the change, the malaise, is the most visible. Kids being kids, they’ll still go through the motions of being kids with doting grandparents and no one sees, no one is interested in what’s changed – school was always a jungle but now it is 50% of girls peer-forced into giving themselves away by 14, being drugged out, not the 10% or so when I grew up.

Plus dumbed-down, wired into the net and social sites, beyond all reason – Burroughs and Warhol would be delighted. 2011 and 47-53 % of highschoolers had done it and multiple partners was high. STDs are having a field day – this is the bloodstock forming the next generation in control of society. Single motherhood normal, commitment a long lost skill. Blurred gender and homosexuality. 6% under 13 in US have done this, 14% of highschoolers with multiple partners, the new indiscriminate syndrome.

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Net result – broken people inside but no one sees it on the outside. It only comes out in the strange breakdowns in relationships, in self-entitlement, narcissism, immaturity, dumbness, which then stay with them into adulthood – they never really grow up.

And this began in the early 60s through to the 70s. I’d like to see the stats on people alone now in their mid 40s to 50s with these destructive mindsets. They think they’re alone through choices they’ve made, through intolerance of someone oppressing them or because it’s more fun alone – almost no one sees the insidious social engineering behind the attitudes which then led to such choices.

And history does illustrate it vividly. Delve back into the 50s and not the MSM generated ante-diluvian attitudes but into the causes of the societal stability which was once there and now has been lost. It’s not hard to trace – you just need the will to do it.

How do we pull back from something that so few think is even a problem?


3 responses to “Perspective – what is old, what is new

  1. I don’t think we can pull back from it. Even those who recognise that there is a problem will likely throw a synthetic solution at it, and that IS the problem.

  2. “I say violence is necessary – it’s as American as cherry-pie. [H Rap Brown, 1967]”

    I am not in the slightest bit American 😉

  3. Pete – yes.
    Cherie – 🙂