And so the saga continues …

There are many aspects of this NO being down which don’t add up.   Ivan said someone’s yanking someone’s chain but I’m told there was an admission today at the server end that they have indeed being running the whole package slowly.

They put us on a different server today and I’m told removed the restrictions, at which point the sites came back up and then crashed again.   I’ve just checked one of the other sites I know the url of and it says server error.

All of this is quite weird to me as this is a major provider and what we do shouldn’t affect anything overly much.    Bottom line is that NO is down and I can’t do anything about the site.   Maybe I need to be reinstalled [no sniggering at the back there].

Anyway, as mentioned a few days back, I’ll continue here until Sunday evening and then make a decision.


By the way, WPdotcom tell me this is the 50th post at this site and we appear to have 152 comments.


4 responses to “And so the saga continues …

  1. I agree with Ivan… Someone somewhere is yanking your chain!

    Lets get back to basics… You are paying for a service. You are entitled to that service. If that service for some reason can’t be provided a proper explanation has to be given. You are also entitled to an alternative solution from your provider! So stick with it until the solution is found.

  2. Cherie, as far this incident goes, it’s as I’ve reported it, no more, no less, nothing has been left out. The reason it’s even been reported here is not, as one co-author thinks, to belly-ache, whine and wave chickens [a very strange interpretation of all this] but because it’s bleedin’ obvious NO is not up and regular readers require an explanation.

    That’s all it’s ever been at NO and at OoL. There are people I have an unwritten obligation to and I am grateful.

    For some time, I have no choice but to let a solution be found, which I’m assured is happening. In fact, I’m told all stops are being pulled out.

    There is no “woe is me” in this as I have other things right now in RL which are more dire and needing careful handling – blogging is a comparatively minor one on that list and thus I’m scheduling no radical solutions until Sunday evening on this issue.

    It’s regrettable but as they say in the classics, ^&*(% happens.

  3. They will eventually run out of stories to tell, then what.

    They are supposed to be a professional organisation that provides a service. The problem is they are not showing that professionalism or providing the service.

    A server going down should cause, at the most, a one hour outage – the time to bring another server on line and restore the disk images. According to the 1&1 web page they are running dedicated as well as virtual servers.

    I don’t know what hosting package you have with them but looking at what they offer there is no way that you should be having the problems you are – they even have a daily backup and recovery as standard.

    I may be wrong but I get the impression you are getting the NO site through someone else and not directly from 1&1. If that is correct then I think that might be the source of your problems – someone is using the 1&1 cloud service to host virtual servers, one of which is the ‘server’ you have for NO. If that is the case then they are the peoplr you should be leaning on to get the site up and running again.

  4. Yes, said that, Ivan. Mine host is not me. I’m the site admin as it’s all I have time for.