More reasons to despise feminists

LOL – feminists are under attack from their sisters from all sorts of angles now – long may it happen.

wendy davisWiggia brings this one, about riding on the backs of men and then savaging men from their new-found position of influence … plus various dogs’ acts along the way:

Wendy Davis is continuing in the footsteps of “great” feminist leaders who climbed up the political ladder on the backs of the men who supported them financially.

It was revealed in the Dallas Morning News that her ex-husband cashed in his 401k and took out a loan to pay for her law degree at Harvard.

Over time, the Davises’ marriage was strained. In November 2003, Wendy Davis moved out.

Jeff Davis said that was right around the time the final payment on their Harvard Law School loan was due. “It was ironic,” he said. “I made the last payment, and it was the next day she left.”

Likewise, feminist icon Gloria Steinem used her relationships with men to advance her career in journalism.

Many people have touted her job as a former Playboy bunny as some sort of eye-opening experience about the roles of men and women in society. However, most neglect to mention that she sought the job specifically so she could write an article about it for a men’s magazine.

Many also neglect to mention that her first issue of Ms. magazine was funded by her first media boss, Clay Felker of Esquire magazine. For all her complaining about the glass ceiling, time after time the male-dominated publishing industry lifted her up.

[Steinem is a whole topic in herself I’d like to run – it brings in Laurel Canyon and the agenda she was bought to follow, which makes it a bit broader than just a feminist issue.   That’s coming up in the next few days.]

Wiggia continues now with this one about touching up [no, not Saville] but touching up photos and it’s a lady who gets stuck into Jezebel:

Campaigns in the name of feminism can quickly take a nasty turn, and this is one such case. Jezebel have stated on their site that their target is Vogue, not Dunham – but it’s Dunham who is now stuck in the crossfire between these two women’s publications.

And really, what good does it do revealing the photos of Dunham before she was touched up? All Jezebel have done is created another ‘before’ and ‘after’ body-ogling article, so beloved of the type of magazines that Jezebel campaigns against.

So Jezebel’s crusading rhetoric smells of hypocrisy – and I imagine their traffic has benefited too – as people come to the site either to complain about how awful the fashion industry is, or to examine Dunham’s flaws. And all in the name of feminism.



4 responses to “More reasons to despise feminists

  1. Shades of Mrs Amfortas the First. Her father was a poor chap who could not afford to pay for her to go to University. She ostracised him thereafter and left home. Marrying me a few years later with nowt but a Qld leaving certificate, I supported her while she went to evening classes to get her O and A levels. That was two years. Then to Uni full-time, through her BA. She got a fine Hons (pottery and English/teaching degree). 4 years. She did supply teaching for 6 weeks but ‘didn’t like it’. Then an MEd. Another four years full time. (Meanwhile, while working full time and paying for all for her that I got 2 degrees and an MSc.) Then another 6 years to do a PhD. I was delighted and proud of her achievement. She finally got a job. Research assistant at a University. At last, some help with the mortgage, the 2 cars, the 2 lots of school fees for the children at private schools. “”Oh no Amfortas you misogynistic oppressor. I worked hard for this money. It is mine.”

    And that’s how she became ex Mrs Amfortas.

    She is a Feminist Professor.

  2. I have stories to tell too. There are nice ladies, yes but there are also these ones out there.

    • Very telling article, Ivan. The lady makes her points well. Consider the ‘looks’ and the phrases that trip off the average wife/girlfriend’s tongue when a chap wears something of which she disapproves. The wimmin in the lady’s circle are full to the brim with mantras and anti-male thinking such that their disapproval of another woman making her own choices to appear nice for her partner become quite irrational and contradictory. It is quite automatic.