Nourishing Obscurity Mk3

header left winter textSome decisions were taken today, not all mine.   In a nutshell, there is a short-term fix we can’t be sure will not see the old problems resurface or a lateral fix which we’ve decided to take.   In short, we’re each moving up one role.

The fix is an excellent one but involves initial money I’m not prepared to commit until a month from now as there’s a major change to my real life circumstances happening during this time and I need to concentrate fully on that.

Therefore, NO will be at this site until at least February 23rd and I’d say another month after that too as I do all the things, including the boat, which are going to need doing/building/paying for.

I’ve been watching my space usage here and estimate I have a maximum of four months at this address at this rate, so the time frame for the fourth incarnation of NO will be March/April.   This is therefore not a stop-gap at this address but the third incarnation of nourishing obscurity.


There seems to have been reticence among readers to come to this address, certainly to comment and co-authors don’t seem happy, apart from haiku and Rossa, to commit to co-authoring.    That’s fine,  I put a lot of it down to the uncertain nature of it all, plus some just don’t like WPdotcom.

So, laze ‘n gem, that’s the state of play.   Welcome to nourishing obscurity Mk3.


6 responses to “Nourishing Obscurity Mk3

  1. Have you checked out the Vigilance theme? That one has theme options and the colours can be customised.

    Comet has customisable options too, including limited colour changes.

  2. Vigilance


    “hasn’t been updated in over 2 years”


    “This theme, Vigilance, is now retired. We invite you to try out a newer theme.”

    Comet’s quite good. Menu bar and quote system not sure about but shall check out further. Thanks, Cherie.

  3. I have about 10 free WordPress blogs, all with different themes. There are some very professional layouts hidden in the depths of the free WordPress themes.

    I have just checked out the Vigilance theme to see if I can install it on one of my blogs where it is not installed. It is still a current theme and can be installed. Just click on appearance/themes then search for it in the search box at the top. This gives you the option of previewing the theme with your current blog layout. You would however have to install it to view what customisations are available.

    Another theme to look at is Misty Lake (it is a replacement theme for one I use). I can’t check how customisable it is because I only have the old theme installed. The header might be a bit too big for your needs, but it is worth a look.

  4. That notice about it being unsupported/retired now was from that very WP theme page. Sad but it’s gone. It will install but has issues now.

    Similarly, Misty Lake is a replacement for the old version which was much better. I have it as an option on WPdotcom. The colours are a bit washed out and there are nav problems for my purposes which is why I didn’t install it as the default.

    I’ll give Comet a try now and as you say, they are hidden away. Many thanks.

    OK, interesting that it didn’t like the background pic and functions just froze in Safari. Shall try again.

    OK, fixed. Hmmmm. Seems softer than the previous Pilcrow, text is larger which is better for older readers, less remote, seems OK, more like the old NO. Thx again.

  5. Happy as was able to help you out. It is looking good now you have got it all configured. As you say it is much more like the old NO 🙂

  6. ‘I was’ even…