The ludicrous calculation time of year

Housewife’s self-assessment.

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Every year this nonsense appears in one form or another. The wages-gap month time is due soon too.

One doesn’t know whether to laugh of cringe at this. How on earth any decent woman can stand being portrayed in such a fashion I don’t know.

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Look at the list of ‘jobs’ this ‘average’ stay-at-home-mum wants to be paid for doing. How many totally unqualified people do you think get ‘Facilities Manager’ jobs? Do you get paid for looking after your own stuff and property? Would you go to a psychologist, taking your hard-won and deeply personal crises for fixing, and pay a single cent if you knew that instead of 8 years study and supervision they had ‘intuition’ only. Do women in general really believe that watching Oprah and Dr Phil of an afternoon with a cup of coffee is equivalent? Would they pay the woman over the fence for her ‘insights’?

And ‘CEO’ of what, one wonders. The bath-tub? Does the average ‘home-maker have to study corporate law and finance and marketing and engineering sufficient to oversee and direct such specialities and juggle Board members at the same time? I don’t think so. So how come she demands the pay?

‘They say that being a mum is the hardest job in the world. Well, Oprah did. As someone else said, “Any job you can do in your pajamas is NOT the hardest job in the world.”

It is embarrassing. Demeaning. Yet do women complain and tell the grant-seeking, feminist-run NGOs that go on and on about it every years to shove it?

Gordon Bennett.


One response to “The ludicrous calculation time of year

  1. 6.2 hours a week loading the washing machine and pressing ‘start’ !!! ???
    8.9 hours a week on facebook?? And she wants to be paid??

    “Women’s work’. You know who decided what women’s work and men’s work was? The 19C wealthy wife who hired the upstairs maids, the downstairs maids, the ‘governesses’ (as ‘day care teacher’ !!) and cooks and the gal who laced her corsets and brushed her hair and washed her clothes and mended them (without the benefit of a washing machine) and the gal who made-up the fire up in the morning and evening and brought her tea on a tray. All indoors.

    The men she hired worked in the garden and the stables in all weathers, hot, cold, freezing, wet and drenching, with smelly, obstreperous animals and dangerous tools, and up ladders cleaning the gutters and cleaning the chimneys, repairing and maintaining the house, washing and polishing and driving the carriage, chopping the wood and lugging the coal for the fires, digging the ground and planting/ growing the household veggies. Outdoors. That, she decided was ‘men’s work’.

    They all had to be paid. And that was men’s work too. her husband supported a family and a range of servants all from his work. But of course, the oppressive barsteward was ‘never there’.

    The non-wealthy women were servants to the wealthy women and never had any time for ‘counselling’ or facebook.