Are these the actions of innocent people?

Kelsey-Kay-Raffaele-Sollecito-picsWhat with the verdict coming up on Thursday the 30th, this would not go up here unless there were some new development.

And there is.

Who’s this girl in the picture?    Her name is Kelsey Kay and she hails from Coeur D’ Alene in Idaho.   She and Sollecito were an item for some time after his alleged attempt, last March, to marry Knox.    When they met in Seattle, this was seemingly on the table from his counsel.

She [Knox] was in a difficult position because whilst his counsel saw the advantage of him having a green card in the US, in some misguided attempt to avoid extradition, she had already taken up with a classical musician. She couldn’t afford to offend him and so pointed out her current status and wanted the tie cut with Sollecito as nicely as possible.

Kay reports that he told her Knox was “a selfish, mean, cruel girl,” and an “evil bitch.”    No doubt Amanda would have spoken in her standard “she fucking bled to death, didn’t she” bedside manner.

Now Kay and Sollecito have fallen out and she has accused him publicly, via Twitter, of only ever wanting her “for the visa”.    Well, Kelsey, it took you this long?    Poor kid.    This has been syndicated around the world and whatever you think of Kay as a grandstander, she’s spilling the beans on Sollecito.

Sollecito Kay twitter exchange

Sollecito counsel say they will sue her for extortion.

The reason Knox cannot afford to offend Sollecito is that to this day on the record, it shows him maintaining she was not with him for those critical four hours the evening of the murder, directly contradicting her defence that she was.   She wrote him soft letters with a view to him altering that stance but when he didn’t, she had no further use for him.

He, on the other hand, needed her to maintain his alibi in other ways, e.g. the phone calls to the police which they lied about.   A few times both have claimed they are, out of the goodness of their own hearts, protecting the other, even though both counsels are operating independently for their own clients.

Greta MenegaldoSo the upshot is that Sollecito did not get his green card and then attempted to hook up with a Greta Menegaldo in Latin America.

He tried the Dominican Republic for a while.   He tried to get into Switzerland.   He’s now back in Italy but has plans to depart before Thursday.   Knox, meanwhile, sits tight in Seattle, ready to go on the run [her own words], with the aiding and abetting of members of the Friends of Amanda group.   That of course, is a felony.

Current wisdom holds that, if convicted and I make no comment on if they will, if they won’t, but if they are, then she would be under arrest in the US and might serve her time there, whilst Sollecito would be under immediate arrest in Italy.

If his attitude is as Kelsey said, then he might well start spilling some beans of his own which would protect him but at the same time diss Knox.   The likelihood of this would be, IMHO, higher were Knox not incarcerated and he was.

Meanwhile, a reporter blogged on before is pumping the lies out in the media, despite having been corrected many times by fellow journos and campaigners alike.   This is one Colleen Barry who continues to push already court-rejected lines in the hope that the American public will maintain their ignorance over the case.   She runs a very real risk, should the pair be convicted, of action for false reporting.

And of course, those who have been gunning for Knox and Sollecito from the beginning ask the question: “Are these the actions of innocent people?”



9 responses to “Are these the actions of innocent people?

  1. Michael Framer

    My personal opinion is that Kelsey Kay is a mentally ill stalker, who looks nothing like her Facebook photo. In the video, she is quite plain, and has an irregular face, and I also think she has had a fair bit of plastic surgery. She couldn’t take the fact that Raffaele didn’t love her, and that’s pretty obvious. It seems that she suggested the notion of marriage, (as an option for him for safety) and then, when he presented it, she was all ‘hurt’ because she really ‘thought’ he’d fall in love with her. But he didn’t! Get over it, girl.

  2. Could well be as you say. It’s done a lot of damage though around the world because it was syndicated.

  3. Again, you may want to investigate a bit before posting a story and pronouncing the guilt or innocence of people you don’t know – because perhaps these have not yet circulated in the U.K., but they are being circulated here, awaiting public confirmation:

    Two arrests for Kelsey Kay Ball in Minnesota in 2012 and 2013 – and one was for domestic assault (see second link below)

    Compare these photos to the youtube video (as opposed to the facebook photo) – it does look like the same girl – but again, the U.S. is awaiting public confirmation of it.

    Also, you neglected to post the end of that text skirmish between them – he says she began to scare him and she threatens him with exposure if he doesn’t talk to her, claims she’s dying.

    My guess is, neither is a victim, in this case.

  4. Yes, it’s already been said above that she’s not necessarily a good girl but that’s scarcely the point, is it? The point is that he tried to get a visa for the States through her, he did it with the South American girl too and he’s running scared. Knife boy is not a very nice guy when you look at his history, irrespective of the Kercher case.

  5. It’s also already been said that SHE suggested the notion of marriage, not him (although both scarcely knew each other) – so who was trapping whom?

    I guess I was responding to the “poor kid” part of your post.

    Not everyone threatens to go to the press when they’re rejected, as she did, making herself the victim of the entire situation.

    He also admitted he was seeing someone else to her, when he didn’t have to – he was in Italy?

    Your story proves nothing except a desperate-for-a-green-card player met a vengeful fatal attraction that willingly offered him a green card to ensnare him.

    For all your complaining about women exactly like this, it’s interesting you took her side (especially we’ve all seen that story before).

    Move on, nothing to see here – there are no victims but Meredith Kercher

  6. Dear me, you are trying SO hard to vilify Kelsey Kay on hearsay:

    It’s also already been said that SHE suggested

    … [nice use of the passive voice] and from that, the set-in-rock conclusion:

    Move on, nothing to see here – there are no victims but Meredith Kercher

    … whilst slipping in the obligatory barb about poor James:

    For all your complaining about women exactly like this, it’s interesting you took her side

    … not to mention the bit I left out. 😉

    You’re firing away on all cylinders on this Kay girl and nobody’s disagreeing with you about her.

    However, the tweets do stand and they need no Chrysalis or Higham commentary, plus he did visit her [Knox] and her own site mentions it. Sollecito has been trying to find sanctuary now for some time. Swiss citizenship? The South-American girl? Dominican Republic? His own tweets about finding protection?

    We have different people in our sights – for you, Kelsey Kay and for me Knife Boy, he of the animal porn vids and weird sex. Not to mention the defamation suits piling up on his doorstep over his book.

    Plus his bloodied footstep on the bathmat and DNA on the braclasp which no court has found contaminated – only the defence allege it. Plus the lies of record and the false alibis of either Knox or him, can’t have it both ways when they are diametric contradictions – was she with him all night or was she not?

    My focus is squarely on the two already convicted perps and shall be until after tomorrow’s verdict.

    Re that verdict, it can’t come soon enough and the victim’s family can finally get some peace.

    And Chrysalis, dearest, surely a gorgeous, svelte young lady is incapable of publishing disinformation on another person on hearsay – all such femmes-fatales are innocent by definition, are they not and must be believed in full and without question?

    As for me supporting such a gorgeous girl, it might well be a surprise – I’ve supported people I’m supposedly down on before.

    For example, I support the outrage of one such lady a long time back who was victim of her equally gorgeous daughter’s personal details being published online. I believe I called that a dog’s act at the time. There is no excuse at any time for someone’s child being brought into things, whatever the sins of the parent.

    Actually, there is no excuse at any time for anyone’s personal details being spread online, tried by internet [just to broaden the discussion]. I have gone for the jugular on Knox and Sollecito but have never published their personal details [address etc.], nor did I publish details of a stalker long ago – I called him Damien online.

    There is no excuse for publishing people’s private details although not everyone subscribes to the same net-ethical code, which also includes sockpuppet sites. In a little known detail, that Damien I refer to is one I emailed and warned about BNP thugs who were after him and he emailed back thanking me.

    Perceptions on the net are not always accurate.

  7. Did you not say:

    “Yes, it’s already been said above that she’s not necessarily a good girl”

    But when I say exactly the same, I’M using passive voice? Okay:)

    I’m not sure why you think I’m choosing a side rather than what I meant to do, which is support Michael Framer in simply presenting the other side of the story that wasn’t mentioned in your post.

    In fact, I’ve said very clearly, in the first comment:

    “My guess is, neither is a victim, in this case”

    And in the second:

    “Desperate-for-a-green-card player met a vengeful fatal attraction” and “there are no victims here except Meredith”.

    I think both of them are extremely messed up and perhaps deserve each other, who knows.

    Yes, I think he’s a manipulative player who likes different (as you say “weird”) sex, but that’s subjective – and it’s a huge leap in logic from that to pronounce sentence on him as a murderer, at least based on the behavior you presented in this post – this is circumstantial evidence, character assassination rather than evidence and irrelevant to the case itself and I’ve seen you do better.

    So please, for the sake of Meredith Kercher and her family, stop giving people like Sollecito, Knox and Kelsey Kay more attention than the only truly innocent victim, Meredith Kercher?

  8. Sigh.

    But when I say exactly the same, I’M using passive voice?

    But you did. It’s there in B&W. What the hell are we arguing about? 🙂

    So please, for the sake of Meredith Kercher and her family, stop giving people like Sollecito, Knox and Kelsey Kay more attention than the only truly innocent victim, Meredith Kercher?

    I just adore your logic. If there is a victim, then by definition, there is a perp. Who could that be? Well, look at the court record and there it is. And it was hardly on the say-so of a Kelsey Kay that they were convicted, was it?

    More like over 1000 pages of testimony and the say-so of over 19 justices who reviewed the case, not to mention the Supreme Court itself.

    And who appreciates the efforts of those who have stuck with this case for the six years? Well, two people for a start. Meredith’s mother and Natalie Hayward [see 7 a.m. post today]. That’s good enough for poor James here. Meredith’s mum wants the killers brought to justice, we’re doing our bit to counter the false PR put out by the perp’s machine. Daughter Stephanie has also expressed her appreciation. That’s good enough for me. These are the [still living] people we’re doing it for.

    But let’s get off the case itself as a verdict comes tomorrow and what’s it matter what either you or I think – the court is in possession of all the facts.

    As one small example, yesterday, an Italian blogger got hold of the original HD shots of the long knife involved and showed what the court itself had seen. Now, until then, both pro and anti-Knox sites had been using a lower definition shot.

    That’s the sort of thing which makes me accept the court’s word over the blogosphere’s.

  9. For obvious reasons, I can’t publish the reply, if only to protect the poster. I’m actually supporting her on her view of the question of children. [Whaddayahavetado?]

    I think the only thing I can say, in general terms, is that I take on a case by case basis. I’m not in any camp in the sense of blanket support. I do support various people in general terms but that’s not to say I support everything they do.

    Moving into the political, sure I was a Tory and my views are going to be conservative on most things but I still go for the jugular on most Tory politicians over here. You might call that treachery, I call it taking things on a case by case basis.

    I’m an independent and always have been. You will find my name on the Independent Bloggers blog.


    What we’re getting here is a crossing of replies in transit, which can make for misunderstanding. Let me say again, I am actually supporting the poster on her view of that particular matter. Support, not attack. She asks did we speak privately? Well no but it cuts both ways – she’s making assumptions also based on not speaking. And those assumptions might not be accurate.

    All I can say again is that I support people in general and on specific things. But there are other matters I might not agree with. No one’s all right or all wrong. OK, best we draw a line under this now as I think the point’s made from both directions.

    And remember – two people took the time [one in her night and one in his early morning] to converse, albeit in a strange way. Just taking that time in itself says something, no?