Oh for goodness sake!

Goldie Hawn: Troubles of young stars like Justin Bieber ‘heartbreaking’

Endangering a Lamborghini – heartbreaking, yes.    Davos eye candy, Ms Hawn realizes just how terrible life is for Them.

Actress Goldie Hawn says world leaders are discovering how “mindfulness” helps with stress — but that she despairs at seeing young stars like Justin Bieber struggling to deal with fame.   Hawn spoke to CNN at the World Economic Forum in Davos, where she had led a session on the power of neuroscience and mindfulness to “change the world.”

Mindfulness, eh?


4 responses to “Oh for goodness sake!

  1. “Mindfulness, eh?”

    So much more flexible than truthfulness.

  2. Here is something for Goldie to urge ‘mindfulness’ about while the PTB are discussing the world. The city of Homs in Syria is under constant bombardment. The UN has called for the women and children to be allowed to leave. A fine enough plea. But where is the mercy for men? The men are to be left to die under a hail of shells and bullets and bombs.

    It is always the same. Disposable men.

    Soon there will be a stream of refugees and the news will speak or the thousands of women and children survivors, and not a thought will be given to the dead, dying and about-to-be-slaughtered men.

    Mrs Assad in her palace luxury will maybe get a mention, along with what she is wearing. Just so we are mindful.

  3. Meanwhile back in the real world… There is a lot of sympathy for men!!

  4. Mindfulness is, as I understand it, a Buddhist technique which requires self awareness and has an ethical aspect. This won’t work for world leaders as they are mostly psychopaths and you may as well explain colours to the blind. They might grasp the concept, but can’t experience it. Incidetally, there seems to be a push on to make psychopaths sexy, like River Song and Sherlock, both described as psychopaths (or sociopath for Holmes, same thing.) It’s been done with vampires, who were an allegorical description of the psychopath ie a scary story for children to warn them that some people look normal but aren’t. My own theory is based on the organisation of social insects, specifically ants. Ants are not clever because they have livestock, farms, slaves, civil engineers, soldiers etc. Man has developed into an ant-like society, probably inevitably when certain population density is reached. The ant-like society also has parasites an predators which the ants can’t detect – various other insects and arachnids which imitate the ants! Now, if the social complexity of man has developed in imitation of the ants, there is no reason why a caste of imitatory predators has not done so.