All must be losers

There comes a point in blogging when one is just repeating the same thing over and over, with not the slightest sign of progress.

Nowhere is the political divide more acute, with the majority of women, left-liberals, socialists, PCists, feminists, metros, gays, blacks and do-gooders subscribing to the “all must have prizes” idea of competition and on the other side, most men plus quality women [the achievers] who see competition as healthy and a great foundation for a child to be able to cope with real life in later years.

As with everything else, it’s a matter of degree. No one arguing for competition is promoting the ugly parent who bellows at his kid from the touchline or the underage team coach who pushes the child beyond endurance in all weathers – these are the typically extreme strawmen trotted out by mediocritists as reasons for “all must have prizes”.

The mediocritists are fond of the word “fairness”. Well then, this is fair: every child in the team gets his badge or certificate as part of the team. Then, in addition, those who achieved in particular get further accolades, cups etc.

It’s not the giving of certificates for all which is the issue – it’s banning reward for effort.

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7 responses to “All must be losers

  1. It is always darkest before dawn, they say (ignoring full moons and bushfires) and it will get yet darker for our social fabric as the ‘outcomes’ of the assault on our developed virtues and achieved progress is felt when our children take over the nations we are sinking in. As yet society has not reached collapse. It is not far off though. And there is hope, of course. People are resilient. All cultures and lifestyles are equally valid and we may simply transmorgrify to the Zimbabwean or Palestinian models. Or PNG’s.

  2. My memories of school rugby was that we had all forgotten who had won by the time we reached the showers. All we wanted was a “good game”.

  3. Amfortas – true.
    Wolfie – I remember being wet through and needing that shower.

  4. My memories of school rugby are of sticking my head between other boy’s hot arses (I was a No. 8) and losing every game… al of which made me what I am today… (Others can judge whether I benefitted or was harmed).

  5. boys’
    (attention to detail is slipping)

  6. “See, I think all of this nonsense – this ‘everybody is special, everybody gets to have a trophy, everybody gets a card, everybody gets recognition’ idiocy – can produce only two possible results, neither desirable. One, it can make perceptive, self-aware children even more embarrassed and insecure. They know that they are undeserving of these accolades, and they’d rather not be patronized.
    “Then there’s category 2. These kids, perhaps not equipped with the same critical thinking capacities as the first type, will eventually buy into the hype. They will look at those trophies and gold stars, unearned and undeserved, and begin to develop an inflated image of themselves. What is born from this is not confidence, but narcissism and arrogance.”

  7. I was a full-back AMcL-S. No-one behind my arse !! 🙂