ANC logic

Could almost be an allegorical tale for the UK, EU, USA:

1. ANC Secretary General Gwede Mantashe says if a member has been found guilty of a crime by the public protector it does not mean they are unfit to stand to become a Member of Parliament (MP).

And this is because:

2. The ANC has always been tough on corruption but has vowed to be even harder.


3. Nothing forbids a member not to serve the ANC in Parliament if he or she has not been found guilty of a crime in court.

Country’s in good hands.

[H/T haiku]


2 responses to “ANC logic

  1. Well of course. The entire concept of ‘guilty’ is a present-past- future impossitionment of meaning on an word that has no inside and no outside, no top nor bottom, but rather is a device constructed by the bourgoise to oppress the intellectual revolutionary; a phallocentric, hegemonaic meaningless text masquerading as a Derrida’an clarification of the unclarifiable. Bring me a car tyre and a can of petrol.

  2. Shouldn’t the last sentence read: “Steal me a car tyre and a can of petrol”