The Doc 5 and 6 – what an unmitigated load of …


Well, finished the 5th series and have started the 6th and one thing became quite apparent.

Before that though, we’re affected by what we see and one person who has been given great stick is Jenna-Louise Coleman for her precocious brat performance and lack of chemistry with Matt Smith.

Hmmmm, in the clips I’ve seen, she comes across quite well and there seems a very real chemistry there. Plus her interviews have been first rate, her deep voice belying her baby face and her brain have been good PR for Doctor Who.

So it was not with misgivings but forgivings that your humble correspondent approached Series 5 and 6. I went in with the idea – w-e-e-e-e-l-l-l-l, maybe it was being a bit hasty about Amy, maybe we should cut Matt Smith a bit of slack here.

There were some real duds through Series 5 but still I thought – OK, it can’t always be good. And then came those last episodes – The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang.

What an unmitigated pile of horse manure! What utter garbage, how amateur-hour. It’s as if some kid has been given a franchise to play with and he just piles in, a la Skyfall, all the elements he can think of, assembles all the monsters at the one time in some sort of Live-Aid or Bandaid megaconcert and the acting, predictably, is subordinated to The Spectacle.

Seriously, the plot is an insult, the acting is worse and that Pond, as the Doctor calls her, is becoming insufferable in her overweening arrogance, laying down ultimatums about what she’ll personally accept or won’t.

Caveat is always, of course, that this is not necessarily Karen Gillan’s fault but the written in Amy Pond. In the current episode I’m watching of the 6th series, Gillan appears on some doomed ship crashing to earth and one of the women refers to her attire – she makes a couple of inane remarks justifying her 12cm skirt and makes to haul it down, then lightly laughs it off.

OK, those legs are quite edible but if the Doctor Who series relies on her legs and kookiness to move a plot along, then it’s lost the plot in my book. She has her place as the Doctor’s companion and that’s where she should be.

Many of the ideas aren’t bad – the fish in the crystalline sea and so on, they’re OK. It’s just the jettisoning of the whole logic of SF and Doctor Who itself which galls. Reboot the universe? My goodness. And I notice an episode coming up on The God Complex. Astounded anything like that gets into a kids’ programme but then again, being the Beeb, it’s not so astounding. What is a popular SF series doing dissing God? And before you start, yes I have read the plot of that one and it’s still lightly veiled.

It is not the place of children’s SF to have gays kissing on camera or the dissing of God or even one man rebooting the universe. The Doc was always a super-capable guy who could generally make things happen for the good. He was not a God who had all the monsters quaking in their metallic skins.

By this stage of my New Doctor Who sentience, the River Song thing about Melody, about her marrying the Doc, about her killing him and about Amy is pretty clear, if utterly convoluted and is it just me but could they have got a more femme-fatale Riversong than that person? There’s something vaguely offputting about her.

So, at this stage of the proceedings, it’s looking pretty tacky and would need to vastly improve to get back to anywhere near Series 1 to 3 which, by comparison, were the Golden Years. Bring back Christopher, David, Billy or even Feema.


4 responses to “The Doc 5 and 6 – what an unmitigated load of …

  1. I stopped watching it long ago, it changed format to weekly stories and somehow never got back on, as they say.
    So much of television follows the same pattern, what started out as good series decline when faced with viewing figures on the wain and become ridiculous parody’s of themselves, Silent Witness is as good an example of many that are morphing into something else.
    Rather like the original CSI, faux realistic to start with, now they don’t even bother to put gloves on at a crime scene, babewatch comes to mind.
    I really don’t watch much TV nowadays, the endless Z list celebs falling off diving boards skiing baking building houses turning into antique “experts” and how many celeb cooks do we need, it really is endless mush, the only one I would watch would be Celebrity Beachy Head.

  2. The problems started from the time Moffitt took control. He is NOT a SF writer, even though he likes to think he is. It will continue to go downhill until he and his followers are removed from all aspects of the program and the beeb get real SF authors to write the stories.

    To think the restart of the Doctor was the only reason I set up satellite TV and now I can’t be bothered to switch it on.

  3. Just watched that Silence episode in 6 and it is truly rubbish. Plus Matt Smith is getting bad – cocky and doing superhuman things out of the blue. If there’s trouble, he doesn’t use weapons or devices he has but invents new ones from nowhere. As you say, Moffatt needs to go.