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the meredith seven

Sophie Purton, Amy Frost, Natalie Hayworth, Jade Bidwell, Samantha Rodenhurst, Helen Powell and Robyn Butterworth

Allow me to telegraph my moves on the Kercher business. There is this post now and there’ll be another, post-verdict tomorrow. That’s all I’m planning.

The intensity of posts of late have revolved around court dates and new information received. If anything new happens post-verdict, I’ll of course report it but there are no planned posts.

In this matter, I’m torn between two lots of readers. There are those who have included me on their pro-Meredith list since 2009 and then there are the regular readers, most of whom are not remotely interested. But the nature of this blog is always to put up posts someone’s not going to be interested in but others are.

So, this [at the end of the read-on link here is for the pro-Meredith people.

There’s been an email from Natalie Hayward, one of the seven girls involved in the case on Meredith’s side. The allegation this morning from a detractor that I am not supporting Meredith is outrageous but expected. I don’t see how I’ve been doing anything but supporting her for six years and the family’s dearest wish is that her killers are brought to justice.

Hence all the posts.

There is no doubt whatever whom the family see as the killers and so do we – that view is squarely along the lines of the court findings as well, plus Knox’s housemates – both of those girls think the same thing – over 30 justices who reviewed the case also do, plus many supporters of Meredith throughout the world.

Now that has to say something – it’s not exactly a rogue viewpoint,is it? Natalie’s email is not private so I’ll post part of it and then come back to her. Referring to TJMK site:

I just wanted to write and say I’m massively impressed with the content of your website/ blog. It’s informative, justified and very helpful. It’s amazing to see all this information and I know many people are impressed with the time put into getting justice for Meredith.

Thanks for keeping readers informed, up to date and open-minded! I’m so happy someone is.

Many thanks

Natalie, it’s for such as you and for Meredith’s family, for all the girls involved and for justice itself that we are doing this. We have had abuse as you have too over the six years and quite actionable statements made against us but we’ve stuck with it because we see a very great wrong here which needs righting and might well be righted tomorrow.

For readers not au fait with Natalie, John Kercher’s [father of Meredith’s] book says about her:

Meredith met Natalie Hayward while in Perugia. Natalie had gone to study in Perugia “because I had heard that it was beautiful and romantically old, in addition to being quite international.” (p. 70) Natalie had been studying history and Italian at the University of Sussex. She had found an apartment in Perugia with a couple of Italian girls, and began studying at the University for Foreigners where she met Meredith and Amy Frost.

Natalie said, “Because the three of us were the only English students in the class, we became known as ‘Little Britain’.”

Natalie said, “I was so encouraged by the fact that Meredith accepted me, because I wasn’t a particularly confident person. But she was always texting me to come out with her and other people and trying to include me in things, which I appreciated.”

Despite a known tendency to be late for lectures, Natalie says that Meredith “was exceptionally good at taking lecture notes. You might not have thought it, but she worked so hard. I was jokingly jealous of her note-taking. The Italian lecturers would speak so quickly and be quite complicated, but Meredith could keep up with them.”

And in the context of the case where she was one of the vilified “seven”, from a report on the trial on 12 February 2009:

Another friend, Natalie Hayward, expressed the hope that Miss Kercher had not suffered when she died. Miss Knox allegedly replied: “What do you think? She fucking bled to death.”

Miss Kercher was often annoyed that Miss Knox skipped her turn to clean their shared bathroom and thought it odd that the American kept a vibrator and condom in full view in an open wash bag.

“Meredith thought it was strange because they were there for everyone to see, she found it uncomfortable. My perception of their relationship was that it was at times a bit awkward and there were a few concerns Meredith had.”

Ms Hayward told the court that she remembered Ms Knox saying: “They slit her throat, Natalie, she would have died slowly and in a lot of pain… She fucking bled to death.”

Nice person, Knox.

Naturally, the seven girls were said, by the Knox machine, to have “colluded” in defaming sweet innocent Amanda. So we’re left with a choice of believing either Meredith’s personal friends plus both housemates, plus the family, plus the court, plus independent justices, all saying the same thing … or Knox herself and her machine.

No prizes for guessing whom we believe.

And now we get down to the aspect which has not had very much posting done on it at this blog – that there is a very real sense of community out there across the world behind Meredith and her family. This is whom we support and consequently we do not appreciate attempts to say we’re not.

Stephanie Kercher made it quite clear in her open email to all of us where the family stands and she and the “seven” are people we’re most happy to devote our time to supporting and shall continue to do so.

Bless the victim and those associated with her, still living. Let them all find courage tomorrow when the verdict comes down.


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