Justice for Meredith – postscript

There have been reports, mainly put out by Sollecito’s counsel who has already been admonished for false claims and by Knox herself, that they “will appeal the verdict” and that this is only “a first step”.

No it’s not.   It’s a second step and Bongiorno knows it.   This was not, despite the MSM desperate to claim it was, a “retrial”.   It was a First Appeal.     There had been a First Appeal before, presided over by Judges Hellman and Zanetti but the Supreme Court threw them out.

So this was that appeal.    That is – it was Knox’s own appeal she was conducting through her attorney.   And it was Sollecito’s too.     Now, in exactly the same way that after the annulled First Appeal, the losing side can appeal direct to the Supreme Court – that’s what actually happened last time – that appeal can only be on legal grounds.

That is – they have to allege irregularities of judicial process.   Good luck on that because this court this time had something Hellman’s illegal court did not – directives from the Supreme Court itself.    And they were very careful to operate within those and take care of judicial process, knowing there would be this coming appeal.

And of course, who is the appeal to?   To the Supreme Court.

As for extradition, it cannot occur until the Supreme Court has signed off.    That can’t happen until the defence appeal to the SC has concluded.    Theoretically, of course, the SC can annul this trial as well but what they usually do is either uphold or mitigate.   I think this is why such long sentences were handed down this evening.

It’s probably time for all Knox counsel’s efforts to go into stopping extradition now.    How long will the appeal last?   Judging by the last one, a few months, possibly placing the signing off in the summer.   Justice grinds inexorably but it does get there in the end.

That will then be the end and the extradition warrant will go out or incarceration in America will be the deal.

You will not read this in the MSM which has got it wrong in a serial manner.   If reporters and journos can’t be bothered getting their facts straight, then there is something very wrong with them and this has implications for many other issues we’re all looking at at the moment.


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