The tech we need, the tech they want us to need

I’ve been saying this for years:

As we’ve said more than once, give them what we want to give them – and not what they want – and they will not come:


3 responses to “The tech we need, the tech they want us to need

  1. Sony do have problems, one thing in the last few years I could never understand was the endless “best of” reviews for Sony TVs as the LCD screens were made by Samsung ? a partnership now at an end.
    In the same way Onkyo players were Sony beneath the casing but never spoken of in the same vein.

  2. It’s always the same with technology – the developers never seem to ask the end user what they actually want. Instead we get something that merely demonstrates what is possible… Look at your recent battles with WordPress. Sony did have a reputation for innovation many years ago, but that seems to have fallen by the wayside. And I noticed a TV advert for the latest Peugeot car in which the dashboard has been “de-cluttered”. That appears to mean simple switches have been replaced by a bloody touch screen. The very LAST thing I want to be doing whilst driving is navigating through an assortment of menus, just to turn the heater on…

  3. IN response to Microdave re the touch screen, fully agree plus the distraction factor increases manyfold.
    Would like to know how many people actually use or even find all the ‘features’ built into cars these days, i certainly don’t, most are pointless and far to many are buried in menus that I couldn’t be bothered with even if I wanted to use them.