This evening’s verdict

Meredith’s music video she appeared in – let’s remember her living.

Live blogging – updates

21:24:  Meredith Kercher’s brother: It was the best we could have hoped for, but #amandaknox verdict not cause for celebration.

21:11:  From Andrea in court:  #amandaknox guilty verdict upheld. Her lawyer Carlo Dalla Vedova said he has called her. She did not cry. She was “petrified.”

21:04:  Beeb:  Italian court reinstates guilty verdicts for Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito for murder of Meredith Kercher

21:02:  #amandaknox conviction upheld. sentenced to 28 years and six months. Sollecito to 25. Ordered passports to be taken.  [Thank the Lord for Andrea Vogt.   My comment below at the foot of the post.]

21:00:  It’s over but I didn’t understand the Italian.

20:53:  Bell just went:

seconds ago

20:49:  Live feed:

20:38:  Nothing yet – very long delay.   Last time there was this delay, they were acquitted.   Don’t want to go down this path.

20:05:  Meredith’s family have just walked in and a hush has come over the court according to Andrea.

19:44:  Even most experienced Italian court reporters not predicting what long wait for #amandaknox verdict means. Could go either way.  [Might cheer up Knox army.   In Casey Anthony’s case, it was said that if they’d gone for manslaughter, they might have had her.   Wonder if this is what’s causing the delay.]

19:25: #amandaknox verdict is expected at 9 or 9:30. Clerk reminded about the decorum expected: no applause, shouting, cheering, etc.

17:59: Decision on 2009 Massei verdicts and sentences by panel of judges and lay judges expected some time after 8:00 pm Italy time, 2:00 pm US East Coast time.

16:18: Decision on 2009 Massei verdicts and sentences by panel of judges and lay judges expected some time after 6:00 pm Italy time, 12:00 noon US East Coast time.

13:10: Really hope this evening’s post does not have to start: “As with the Casey Anthony verdict …”

10:38 UK time: Latest from Andrea Vogt Twitter reporting from Florence courtroom: “Judge and jury in #amandaknox case have retreated for deliberations. Verdict not before 5 pm Italy time. “

Some thoughts whilst we’re waiting

This is being started at 17:38, our time, maybe half an hour before the verdict in the appeal.

What started this train of thought was an abusive letter [I get many] earlier from one person who defends someone else who has wronged me many times but makes out the opposite – that somehow I have wronged her.    LOL.   Let that one pass the way it came.

However, it did set the thoughts moving on three people – Amanda Knox, Casey Anthony and Clara Schwartz.   With the latter, she got two males and one female to do a murder for her and it was the way she was able to manipulate the males which stuck in my mind.

It seems certain from the Meredith Seven and from the two housemates that there was bad blood because Meredith had had the temerity to stand up to Ms Knox, remembering that the brains of the perps were drug-addled also, making Knox very on edge and aggressive, also slovenly. All around her remarked on that.

She may have been just moaning and threatening about it but now enter Sollecito. By his own admission, besotted by her, she extends the favours and he’s hooked. No way of knowing if she got him to do it or if he suggested he could help his princess and earn brownie points. One person they were going to need was a scapegoat. Enter Guede.

That, I think, just about covers it and explains Knox’s accurate description of the scene in her accusation of Lumumba.

My take on the verdict[s]


Not really in the mood for this now.  Quite sombre, as the family was [saw them on the live feed].   Hopefully this is now all over and the family can rest, Meredith’s soul can rest.

Only thing in reference to my earlier comments – the prosecutor this time made her the main culprit, whereas at the first trial, it was Guede who was the main one.    Quite sure now she instigated it, was the ringleader.    Whether she actually put the knife in is another question.

The only motive worth considering was the altercation between the two but I don’t think it was a fever pitch thing on the same night.   I think there’d been brooding for days and that this was planned.   Remember, that knife had to come down from Sollecito’s place and go back up there again.    This is very female to vow vengeance and get some man or men to to do their work.   It’s been going on since Messalina and before.

I wrote this morning that we should accept the court’s verdict whichever way it went.   And I do accept it.

Good night, readers.


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