Today’s verdict

The plan was to do a post yesterday and then one later, after the verdict.   Two things altered that.

1.  One was the constant obsession by the MSM to portray Knox but not Sollecito as some sort of celeb.    The Mail today is a disgrace, going on about her hair makeover.   Whatever  happened to the murdered Meredith?

2.  To state ahead of time my attitude and prediction.

Taking bets

I hope I’m wrong and that the pundits who really know all the ins and outs over there are right – that it will be 26 years each and 1 year for the calumny extended to 4 for Knox.   Remember also both are up for more calumny after this.

I’m not so sure it will pan out that way.   Having gone over and over it, I can’t see Knox getting off completely – she was involved and I noticed a poll in America thought she was involved in some way, if not murder.   So she’ll get something.   I think.

Sollecito is tied though by the DNA – it’s far more solid on him.    Sorry but the bathmat had to be one of the three and it matched him better than Guede who was wearing shoes anyway.   The bra clasp I believe has stood up.   I think he’ll go down but possibly with a reduced sentence.

Remember Guede was 30 years, reduced to 16 and he’ll be out this/next year.

Another reason I think the court will not go for the jugular and it might be counterproductive if it did is that they want that extradition or at a minimum, that the US will play ball and arrest her and either incarcerate her or give her house arrest, a la Polanski.   If the Italians are being reasonable, the US might too.

Seems to me that this court this time round is not mucking about, as the Hellman court did.    They mean business and that might well be to accept the lesser sentence in return for this US cooperation.    Sure I could have completely misread it, as I did and many did, with the now annulled Hellman verdict.   This court is playing its cards close to its chest.

There is also the possibility, as it has done twice already, that it will spill over into tomorrow, there might be a hung jury [let’s call it a jury in our terms] or any number of administrative delays.

My attitude

Whatever the verdict, my attitude will be the same as the Kercher family’s.  They have stated that they have no choice other than to accept the court’s verdict.  They clearly didn’t believe in the Hellman verdict [and it was subsequently annulled] but they kept their dignity and said they had no choice but to go along with the court.

So if the court, in its wisdom this time round, frees Knox and/or Sollecito, we need to accept that that is the court’s verdict.

Obviously, in the light of all the posts over all these years, we don’t believe the two should be released but if the court says that, then let it be so, pending prosecution appeal.

Can’t see it but still …

One thing is for sure though.  Italian justice is just as good, if not better, than that of other western nations, they are softer towards the accused than in many countries and assertions in America that Italy is a joke are so ignorant as to be not worthy of further comment.


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