Back to alchemy in these final days


Thanks IPJ who draws attention to John Ward‘s:

Joint Bank of England/Canada paper outlines plans to abolish default and bail-in the customer   Inside the mind of the Central Banker, there lurks an obscenely inverted demon.

I am indebted to a source for alerting me to the content of the Bank of England Financial Stability Paper No 27. This little read won’t be found anywhere on the bestsellers’ lists, but it isn’t in any way a secret. What it demonstrates in tone and conclusions, however, should be appreciated by everyone who thinks this interregnum is just another blip, and we are turning corners once more on our way to the sunny uplands of growth.

There are still people with their eye on the main game, not distracted by Foxy Knoxys and Kardashians.

Many worrying things just now – the totally fictitious financial world, courtesy of Them, the 100 rebels being treated like horse manure in the Pink Tory party – there’s no doubt we are at silent war and the enemy might well be that backsliding, reptilian backslider you’re speaking to now, masquerading as a “love-everyone” left liberal or a Ken Clarke or Heseltine the Reptilian.

This is the time for all individuals to work on the personal integrity – if you don’t have any, then go out and get some. It’s not too late, I should know. This war has to be fought between the Pod People [PCists as already mentioned, Disciples of the Narrative] and Them on one side and rational, ordinary folk such as regular readers of this blog, Julia‘s etc. on the other.

These are the sorts of people in whom are vested the last hope for the world.

May the force be with you.


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