Fallout from the decision

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‘They’ll have to catch me and pull me back kicking and screaming’: Knox’s fury …

Look forward to that with great satisfaction.

Who the hell is this one insignificant young woman who can dictate this to the world and have it make headlines on the front page of major dailies?

Do you understand why so many of us around the world are incensed and cannot wait for her to be put away at last, as she should have been from the beginning?

Amanda Knox has refused to return …

Tell me one convicted criminal you know of who may have uttered this and it made world headlines? What is going on here? Just who the hell is this person? An Al Capone?

Within minutes, both TJMK and PMF, the two main pro-Meredith sites, were down from flooding of bandwidth.   PMF is partially back but they’re riding the storm.   Andrea Vogt’s tweets on the issue from before the decision on have all gone.

Political bloggers have posted for years now about people who don’t like decisions.   Significant is that no pro-Knox site went down when the two were mistakenly released two years ago.   There were angry people at the pro-Meredith sites and a flood of evidence re-presented at those sites.   That’s the way in which people supporting Meredith act.

Everyone expected cyber attack from the pro-Knox crowd because that’s the type of person she attracted.   One of the constant lies was that this was a retrial, another that the police abused her into the false accusation, another was that there was contamination.   There was never any contamination – this was a defence strategy and a good one.   No court wrote it into any judgment except the annulled and discredited Hellman court.

And this thing about the Italian justice system being a joke.   On what basis?   I mean, point to one thing other than the Hellman mistrial?   A court is charged to look at all the evidence, this court did look at all of it, unlike, say, the Lindy Chamberlain trial or the Peter Falconio inquest in Australia or the Casey Anthony trial in the US.

Seven judges, not one, decided this verdict.

Many people do not have the full facts.   They don’t know, for example, that just before the Hellman appeal, the appointed judge was dismissed by Berlusconi party men and Hellman put in.   The one dismissed was a major criminal court judge.   Hellman had never done a criminal appeal in his life and that’s why it was such a botched job, resulting in the release of two dangerous criminals.

The word dangerous is not misplaced.   In Sollecito’s case, he is not known as knife-boy for nothing.   In Knox’s case, she is a manipulator and convicted calumnist.   She has a catalogue of lies of record, not of assertion by pundits.    Some fool professor came out and said last night that there was no DNA evidence.

How long is it going to take to put that one to bed?    There were many DNA samples around the house, some closer to 100% match than others but the point is – they were there.   So, what are these anguished idiots trying to pull?   Brainwashed by only reading the American MSM – worst were ABC and CNN, they have only repeated disinformation all down the line.

Worst on the net were Candace Dempsey, Bruce Fischer, Ground Report and Injustice in Perugia – they were pumping out, not just the twisting of fact but the diametric opposite to fact which the court had already included in its report.

No one reports that Knox was involved in “hazing” in Seattle before she left, followed by her conviction for drunk and disorderly.   On her record now are a re-confirmed murder rap, one felony of calumni and 8 more waiting, along with her parents variously and trials coming up for some of the American media who printed falsehoods.   Plus the court ordered her to pay $80 000+ to the one she defamed and she has refused, despite the multi-million book deal proceeds.    Her reason?    The police were mean to me, therefore I shall not pay.

And this is what is going on the whole time.   Her own version of reality, her own self-judge and jury is lapped up by her disciples and regurgitated.   Why the hell has American law enforcement not charged her and ordered her to either pay or be incarcerated for that?

Reason flew out of the window and the insanity of bedlam was in its place.    What court accepts an explanation of “the best truth she can think of”?    That’s what she told a court.   What court would ever accept that and write it into its judgment?    It’s insane.

But there’s a lot of insanity around today, n’est-ce-pas?    Such that truth has become a relative concept in our age.

This has been a sustained campaign using falsehood by so many people using erroneous reports.   Significant is that almost none of these, except in the deep-captured Oggi [they are also on charges] have used the Italian language source material.   TJMK and PMF were using translators the whole time, e.g. Macchiavelli.

Time and time again, the evidence has been patiently laid down, only for it to be ignored and Knox supporters to ride over the top claiming the diametric opposite.    Example is where HD photos of the knife, with ruler above it, was laid over the stain on the bed and it matched.    It’s at TJMK [which is currently down] in large photos available in pdf.   You can see it with your own eyes.    Not assertion, evidence before you.

They ignore the break-in in which there were no traces of Guede whom they framed as supposedly coming through that window but there were traces of Knox and Meredith in two places.   I’m not going through months of evidence again here but the lie that there was no evidence is still being trotted out.

Why?   In the name of all that is good, why?    Why are people sticking so vehemently to untruths?   Sane people see evidence and adjust their views.   Even normally reasonable people I know are saying, “We-e-e-e-e-l-l-l-l, we’ll never really know, will we?”    Yes we will – we do know.    There was more than enough to convict of at least involvement, before even getting onto murder.   So that’s an extradition matter before we go on.

And someone at this site, two days ago, telling me: “Think of Meredith, not of these two.”    Well if this is not on behalf of Meredith – and note the family in the courtroom last night for precisely that reason, plus the letters from Stephanie Kercher and Natalie Hayward thanking everyone for fighting for “Mez” – then what is fighting for her?

Anyway, the fighting is over and the memory begins.    The process will continue, it will go through the appeal, a million lies will be trotted out again but in the end, these two will be inside.    Unless something else comes up, I shan’t be providing updates unless there is a significant issue and by that, I mean that the US makes a decision or Italy does.   Something major only.

So to the relief of many regulars here, signing off on the Meredith Kercher case for now.


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  1. I read various pro-Knox sites last night. Astonishing, the attempts to weave cloth from fog. Well done for presenting your opinion so clearly, derived as it was from available evidence as distinct from obfuscation and prejudice. Time for Foxy (no, cute nicknames don’t work when you kill someone) to have a stay at the Greybars Hotel.