Friday quiz

This is becoming more or less regular now and it fits nicely into Friday evening, through Saturday, with answers given Saturday evening.   Apparently I’m making them too difficult or rather too broadly across disciplines so today we’ll stick to one discipline – countries.

Idea is to name the country.   Rules are that, as I can’t control what you do to get the answer, even clicking on pics for the info – there are no rules.   Find the answer best way you can.

  1. irrigation nation

  2. This country is long and sprawls across many islands, as well as half of another big island it disputes with its large southern neighbour.  It’s fond of bombings and beheadings.

  3. This country has many engineers, especially automotive, and likes causing wars which it doesn’t win.  For centuries it was not even a country – it was a series of dukedoms, under one loose banner.

  4. It’s mainly desert and grassland, with some tropical rainforest.   One of its animals is the quokka.  There are two major cities.  Temperatures range from about minus 15 to plus 50 Celsius.

  5. It has high mountains and is landlocked but it is not rich.  It isn’t even a nation in a way because its northern neighbour claims it doesn’t exist. There is a religious man connected with it.


3 responses to “Friday quiz

  1. Captain Fatty

    From just the clues in the questions my guesses are:
    1 Peru
    2 Thailand, Indonesia?
    3 Germany
    4 Australia
    5 Tibet

    Captain Fatty

  2. 1 Geographically not far
    2 Again not far
    3 Aye
    4 Aye
    5 Aye

    Well done. Louise Mensch cupie doll heading your way.