Pete Seeger

Bit late to the funeral.   Oh well …

When someone grows up in a culture which embraces anti-war protest, civil-rights, sit-ins, student politics and Fabianism force fed by university lecturers and teachers, when someone is too immature to critically question the overtones to what seem straightforward grounds for protest, then that is typical of those of my day.

Pete Seeger’s songs fitted into that whole scene as much as Dylan’s or Joni Mitchell’s but looking back now, having become less naive and more conservative, songs such as Where Have All the Flowers Gone and This Land is Your Land do seem a bit cringeworthy.

Which is not to say his songs were all like that.   Above are some classics maybe everyone can embrace, often best sung by others.

[H/T haiku]


2 responses to “Pete Seeger

  1. Seeger was a Communist. Dyed in the wool. His ‘Hammer’ song omitted reference to the sickle. Yes, the devil has all the best songs. But don’t believe them.

  2. Bit disappointing, innit?