The continuing cyberwoes of nourishing obscurity

In most ventures, I have, as you do, a certain amount of basic knowledge before beginning, e.g. I know how to build a boat.

Unfortunately, in providing or hosting a site, I do not.    I can do certain things to alter the site as an end user and have constructed a simple one from scratch before but when it comes to knowledge of Sql, php and all the other nice little things like DSL etc., I know the concepts, obviously but couldn’t put a site on a server, for example.

However, there are hosting packages which supposedly can.   Two biggies are 1&1 and Godaddy.   Another is 5quid.   In fact, there is a nice package from Godaddy which I’d planned [after last Sunday’s meeting] to use and it was a price I could currently afford.

The nub of the matter though was that it was a hosting package, therefore I could host other sites to recoup the tiny outlay.   I already have one site in the wings [commercial] which more than does that.   So what’s the problem?   Well, mine current host was putting it on there but supposedly it was being thrown onto random servers by Godaddy.   Upshot, I’m told, is that the site is therefore inaccessible.

Upshot of that is that I’m warned not to use Godaddy.   Which leaves me back where I was.   There is a similarly priced thing from 5quid [sounds very dodgy] which could host NO as it is and they load it in but there is no room to use it as an ongoing NO site.   So I’m told.

So it would be a case of paying out what is admittedly a minimal amount on an archive only.   No hosting facility and no ongoing site.   If I were flush, it would not be an issue but I’m not.    No one private has come forward so it appears that the site begun in 2009 and recently crashing is now down the gurgler.   So I’m told.    That means that all files will now, by definition, be lost.

I’ll pay to keep the archive if I’m also able to pay to have NO as live site but from what mine host says, there’s nowhere available on the web for that where they’d load the files or I could by following the guide menu.   I’m advised that my site is unhostable.   The xml file is apparently around 61MB, which I’m told is way too big to be hosted.

Techies reading this might say bollox to that, that it’s not so at all, my chain is being pulled but as I painstakingly point out, that’s fine to say from a position of knowledge, I don’t have the knowledge to be able to contradict.   Call this post waving chickens or whatever other bizarre expression you can think of but unless I’m otherwise advised, that appears to be the state of play.   No decisions just yet.


7 responses to “The continuing cyberwoes of nourishing obscurity

  1. I know (or I think I know) that you don’t like “Blogger” (which I use and am very happy with, but my needs are more simple than yours); but I do suggest that it may be best in general to use one such free site, but to avoid the size issue by, for example, starting a new blog on it each year (or more often) and just linking to the previous one in the sidebar of the current one. This has the same effect as having everything in the one place, while in fact it is not. However, ANY service cannot be relied upon long term, as companies and services come and go and get taken over, etc., so maintaining one’s own back up would seem essential too. Although of course when the sun swells and consumes the planet, as it most likely will, all will be lost, unless you have transmitted it outwards to the galaxy and beyond, somehow. In the more immediate term, I do hope you resolve your issues (and manage to finish building your boat). I would miss my daily stimulus and challenge and entertainment of reading what is going on here.

  2. Andrew, I’m happy with Blogger personally – it is good for the blogger himself. So you would be happy. However, it’s not so good for those readers who wish to comment. In your case, it’s fine because you’re not running captcha but many Blogger bloggers do use captcha and Google have made it awful, a real chore. I don’t wish to do that to readers here.

    Actually, have to laugh but that has been superceded as an issue by a personal crisis which hit this morning and involves govt and utilities companies plus a private pension fund where I think I’m being diddled. Have to love life, eh?

  3. I did offer to host you on my server some time ago but you ignored me.

    • Ah, Wolfie, I can see how it might have looked that way but there was no intent, I assure you. If you knew the weird RL situation I’m in and dealing with it – I was robbed of private pension this morning for example and have been on the phone half the day, I could have coped easily twenty years ago but am finding it all hard going just now.

      Now I know that cuts no ice but it’s trying to deal with too many things at once that this is happening. For example, more than one blogger is thinking well, if he doesn’t come and visit, then F Higham etc. etc.

      I assure you there was no intent to ignore – it just got away from me. Actually, I’m very interested in that offer but then again, I was a bit snarky some time back so that may still be an issue with you. 😉

  4. I am having a spot of computer bovver too.

  5. Amfortas – hope it sorts itself out – write about via email.

    Wolfie – I am going to hear out this guy on Sunday afternoon – I promised that much – but if it’s not good after that, then I’ll write to you on it Monday and thanks.