Ballingdon Hall, Sudbury

ballingdon hall, sudbury 1

In 1993 we moved to Long Melford in Suffolk, just north of Sudbury on the Suffolk Essex borders.

I used to pass this property halfway up a long hill down into Sudbury and across the River Stour on a daily basis and it was only a chance conversation that informed me this was the same house I had seen moved on television in 1972.

ballingdon hall, sudbury

The Hall was originally at the bottom of the hill overlooking the river but the threat of a further estate being built meant the owners view would be ruined so they had the whole building moved up the hill about 250yds, the hill is quite steep so this was quite an engineering feat, especially for an historic 1560s building like this.

When the day came for the move 10,000 people turned up to watch, blocking the surrounding town and roads and they were charged 10p each for the privilege all of which went to the local church funds.

ballingdon hall, sudbury 2

Although moving whole buildings isn’t unique, and many have been moved over long distances, moving one uphill over fields is still something one would not normally contemplate.


2 responses to “Ballingdon Hall, Sudbury

  1. I am left wondering how they managed to uproot the building intact!!

  2. Cherry Pie, the main reason these buildings and some others that I’ve read the reports of are moveable is the timber framing, plus the fact that these earlier buildings did not have foundations as today, in fact many of this period were built on earth bases, this gives those moving the building the ability to literally “jack them up” like a car.
    Still a lot of building to move.