Do you think this is an in-joke?

Hot on the heels of the last post, is another puzzler.

OK, you’re all out in the brilliant sunshine, joie de vivre is the order of the day, so why am I here writing this bit of what looks suspiciously like spite? One reason is I’m waiting for my visitor to arrive, rhubarb pie at the ready, the other is that I just saw it and tend to write on what gouges the eyes out.

I’m going to ask readers a question. Do you think this article in the Wail is a wind-up? Do you think there is some secret in-joke they’re having on us, not unlike Zero Hedge’s Tyler Durden or the Martin Scribblerus of old?

That would be understandable.

brick woman

Is it just a filler piece? Does the lady work at the Wail and they all wanted to do such an article and Sam was a good enough sport to go along with it? Do you think that’s it?

Or do you suspect she might actually be serious? Poor lady. Because let’s face it, she might not be as ugly as sin but she’s certainly no looker and if she is serious, then she’s also a fruitcake. And no one wishes to see beauty o’erthrown or even a once noble mind.

Most of us are no lookers either and so we rely more on our abilities in other areas. Even a woman who does have looks generally doesn’t go on about it – she just struts her stuff or lets it all hang out today or in yesteryear, she was self-effacing but still enjoyed the accolades:


4 responses to “Do you think this is an in-joke?

  1. Wasn’t there a Greek philosopher who emphasized cultivating one’s character with grace and dignity so a woman has something once her looks have faded?
    Age-old truisms again lost on the moderns.

  2. “Is it just a filler piece?”


  3. We should all be terrified of Samantha Brick losing her looks.

  4. A K, are you shure it isn’t polyfilla?

    Since all the air-heads have nothing other than their plastic looks to offer they must be terified of the plastic running.