Is Twitter necessary?

back on twitter

As a blogger, I dumped Twitter when they blocked Tweetdeck and had me signed up for things I never signed up for.  I said intercourse you and disappeared.

However, many fellow bloggers are not blogging as much and so I dropped into Twitter again and there they all were, the lazy bu wonderful people.    OK, so it’s necessary for a blogger to be on Twitter it seems.   Hmmmm.   Now I need to get some sort of app in the sidebar which runs tweets as they are made by people.

Also, find I’m retweeting a lot.   In the morning or at intervals during the day, I’ll go in and run down the list, retweeting anything interesting.   Is that how you do it or is it uncool to retweet or what?   How do most people use Twitter?   Is it necessary to be on Twitter?


2 responses to “Is Twitter necessary?

  1. I took to twitter when i started blogging because it seemed all bloggers we’re doing it and I thought that’s how things were going so followed suit, but i have never got along with it and likewise seem to just continuously re-tweet other peoples witty or clever remarks. I check it every 3 or 4 months, there’s a couple of feeds that are quite funny but more than once i have toyed with the idea of just deleting it altogether. Since i quit the blog i have found i’m on Facebook quite a bit, and am much more at home there (compared to twitter); though sometimes i dislike it or get annoyed and think about coming off FB altogether also.

  2. I see you have found the Twitter gadget to add into your side bar. It doesn’t work properly in mine, my sidebars are too narrow and it is not scaleable.

    What you now need is Twitter Feed to automatically add your blog posts to your feed. That is what a mostly use Twitter for.