La Manif pour tous

Massive demo in Paris:

manif pour tous

Firstly, who are they?

The French must stand up…”Mariage pour tous” (“Marriage for all”) is same-sex “marriage” imposed on all!

The “Mariage pour tous” bill wreaks havoc on the Civil Code, replacing the words “husband” and “wife”, “father” and “mother” by unisex, undifferentiated terminology (notable “parents”). This bill intends to erase sexual differentiation and complementarity from the law and jeopardize the foundation of human identity: sexual difference and the resulting structure of parentage. It paves the way for a new, “social” parentage unrelated to human reality. It creates a framework for a new anthropological order founded not on sex but on gender, that is, sexual preference.

“Mariage pour tous” is the end of genealogy for all !

With plenary adoption for two men or two women, children will be considered, by law, born of two parents of the same sex, thus willingly deprived of a father or a mother. They will be deprived of half their origins. This is profoundly discriminatory and unjust for children.

They organized a demonstration in Paris against gay “marriage”, to which the socialists [PS] said:

In a statement, the first secretary of the PS denounces “the manipulations and lies on which a reactionary fringe trying to cement opposition to government policy, with the support of several irresponsible parliamentary UMP”.

Reactionary “fringe”, eh?

small fringe

Some Reactionary “fringe”. There was a poll on the socialist attempt to force this bill through, as Cameron did. It asked if you agree with the socialists that it should go through and protests were out of order. In other words, was being anti gay “marriage” wrong:

poll on manif pour tous

Think that’s fairly clear – the French people want no part of this. It’s something pushed by the socialists and gay mafia only.

Now, if it is such a large protest in Paris, then it will be in all the papers over here for days, will it not?

Just checking now. N-n-n-n-o-o-o-o-o. Nothing. Not a sausage. Well, whodathunk it? Now if it had been for gay “marriage”? Every headline in the world.

Will the socialists and gay mafia ever take the hint?

Meanwhile, over here, a criminal social worker or whoever approves these things has approved two lesbians being given an orphaned Muslim child to do as they wish with.

That person and whoever wrote that code need to be behind bars.


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  1. Vive la reactionary fringe.