Just been checking for any reports on the “storm across Italy”

This will have to be quick as it’s beddybyes time but I’ve just been doing the rounds of every network on whether they’re carrying one particular story.

We know the judge in the Knox/Sollecito trial said how he was a father and felt it difficult to do it – that’s as the Times is carrying it as well. However, the tone at the Mail was completely different – it was all about how there was a storm of protest across Italy that the judge had spoken with the media afterwards. The Mail pointed out he had to wait until after the signing off.

Neither you nor I know the exact rules. However, it could be fuel for the defences and they’ve leapt onto the attack, according to the Mail. Quick check and the Guardian and Independent also carry it but the Beeb does not, nor the Telegraph.

The best way to check the storm of protest is to go to La Corriere, the main paper but they’re not going to say anything as they were the ones given the interview. Quick check of Google Italia and there’s nothing there at all. Google is a good aggregator for a country’s news stories and I scoured but there was nothing at all, just things on a Mr Hoffman who seems to have died, whoever he is.

Checked Spain and France, then Seattle itself, Knox’s homeground. Nothing. Washington Post, CNN, ABC. Nothing. MSNBC is one of the main pro-Knox services so checked that and down the bottom was this about new details.

Australian media also isn’t covering this storm of protest. So it seems to be mainly the English media speaking with the defences. They are also saying the Kercher family has it in for innocent Amanda.

OK,so almost no one is taking up that angle and yet I personally feel he might have been unwise, especially if there is any rule like that.


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  1. It did get a picture of Mz Knox and a teary paragraph in the Oz newspapers. I didn’t read them however as they are behind paywalls. And I was listening to harp music.