Elegance does not mean a dressed-up predator

One thing modern women just can’t seem to get through their heads is that the return to elegance many are crying out for is just not possible. You can dress up a modern model in a fine dress:


… but you can’t alter that “in-yer-face”, “don’t-oppress-me”, “I-want-everything” look and the utter lack of grace and good humour in today’s women.    The aggressive body language in the way this one above puts her hand on her hip speaks volumes and the scowl on the reptilian head-forward stance caps it off.

Contrast that with a similar pose from yesteryear:


Far less in-yer-face, far less aggressive, far less “I-want-it-all”.    Sure they wanted it all, these ladies but somehow they were able to disguise it and that meant they were still alluring to men who would give it all.

To illustrate this, below was a character who was every bit as aggressive as an Alessandra but note the femininity and the soft poise in which it was couched:

out of the past

Now, can you imagine her acting like this:


That woman is meant to be one of today’s icons.   Heaven help humanity if that is so.     Who has created these monsters?

And finally, a lady the majority of men look to as their idea of what a classy woman looks like:


You might say well that’s all well and fine if you have the money and I say rubbish.   I lived in Russia for 12 years and no woman would be seen dead going outside, even to the shops, unless she looked the goods.     We used to joke in a tasteless way about such ladies being dressed “in full warpaint” but that would cease to be a joke if they could see much of what is on offer here and in America.   And don’t even mention Australia.

So, it’s not enough to “dress up to the nines” if the person below is in-yer-face, boorish, self-entitled and plays victimhood poker.    Since when has brashness become one of the criteria for femininity?

Sorry if this post offends.


Voila – open the Mail today and here it is:

mail today

Alluring, yes?   And look at this yummy specimen below:


Flagship for British womanhood?


But she’s a politician’s wife, fair enough.    All right, someone average from the community:



4 responses to “Elegance does not mean a dressed-up predator

  1. XX “I-want-everything” look XX

    Sheis welcome to everything I can give her.

    The latest washing machine, the latest cooker, the latest dish washing brush, the latest mop, etc etc.

  2. To be fair….. in Oz the climate is mostly not conducive to ‘dressing to the nines’ and make-up tends to be ‘lite’ on even the hoity-toity wimmin, who sometimes can look quite smart. Rarely alluring though. It is the younger ones that just have no idea. They have not had a decent model of deportment and style for a generation. Couple that with the ‘tall poppy’ syndrome and most women, even the nicer ones, do not try to set a standard for fear of being scratched to bits by their feminist-following peers, who are of course intolerant of anyone being ‘diverse’.

    A word has to be said about the average Oz chap. He is a bum. A bogan. Even the city chaps in the offices are generally bums. They do not care much at all for how they behave or present themselves. And it is not just the anglos; the wogs of various hues and origins are just as rough-looking and swaggering. The ‘metrosexual’ mob who douse themselves with girly smelly-stuff instead of fly-spray, confine themselves to Sydney enclaves and perhaps some parts of Adelaide, and of course the TV. But even on TV the three-day growth of stubble is demanded. Then there are the TV’s themselves. Again Sydney and Adelaide. There is something about those two places that seem to attract males who prefer dresses and high heels, and I can tell you that they do not offer the girls any role model !!

    • XX and of course the TV. But even on TV the three-day growth of stubble is demanded. Then there are the TV’s themselves. XX

      You have T.Vs in Oz???

      But you need electric for that, surely?

      Or are you talking about “T.V” as in those wierd Sydney bars, where all the puffters go….?

  3. Both, FT. 🙂

    ‘scuse my not being even clearer. Hurried doth not make for clarity.