Over at OoL – Sutcliffe, Weatherly and the erosion of freedom

This, from Techdirt via haiku, touches on the mealy-mouthed way the government angles to remove rights from the common person and align the UK with countries such as China, North Korea and Iran.

Some time back, I showed the fine detail to a Russian friend who, until then, had seen Britain as the bastion of freedom of speech etc. He looked this over and said that if it is true, it’s heading in the direction of his old country, the USSR.

The nanny state is better described as the matriarchal state, and if the model used is circular rather than linear, then patriarchy, though a circumference away from matriarchy at the other “end”, is nevertheless right beside it in the totalitarian chord.

In other words, patriarchy and matriarchy are two aspects of the same notion – that daddy and mummy know best, which is a twisting of the very real model of the family the totalitarians are also trying to break down [see Paris demonstration a few days back]. The logical flaw, of course, is that we are adults, not children.

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