US and UK govt dishonesty – two more examples

Haiku points to this, about Snowden:

This past Sunday evening former NSA contractor Edward Snowden sat down for an interview with German television network ARD.

The interview has been intentionally blocked from the US public, with virtually no major broadcast news outlets covering this story. In addition, the video has been taken down almost immediately every time it’s posted on YouTube.

In contrast, this was treated as a major political event in both print and broadcast media, in Germany, and across much of the world. In the interview, Mr. Snowden lays out a succinct case as to how these domestic surveillance programs undermine and erode human rights and democratic freedom.

He states that his “breaking point” was “seeing Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, directly lie under oath to Congress” denying the existence of a domestic spying programs while under questioning in March of last year.

And as if that’s not enough, this from Arstechnica:

Two days after Internet porn-blocking campaigner MP Claire Perry announced ISP filters were not overblocking content, the government has announced it is.

In fact it’s such a problem the government is creating a whitelist of sites that should be protected, as well as a system anyone can use to directly report the inadvertent blocking of their site to ISPs or check if their site is affected.

The news has been reported by the BBCwhich in December revealed that filters provided by TalkTalk, BT and Sky were all overblocking harmless material including sites on sex education, addiction and several women’s abuse charities.

Yep, we’re in good hands in the US and UK.


2 responses to “US and UK govt dishonesty – two more examples

  1. I can’t help feeling just a little bit suspicious about Edward Snowden. My best guess is there’s an agenda at work here.

  2. Havelange, Snowden, so much information yet the powders that be are still there, still seemingly unruffled. Yup, this is just another nail in the coffin of freedom. Rattle those chains, boys.