WordPressdotcom so far

Just had a look at stats for this wordpressdotcom site and predictably, they’re down, in terms of people clicking in – have no way of knowing the RSS side of it.   About one third of the traffic from the old site but then again, there’d been years building that up.


NO readers

Most popular entry point was the front page by a long margin, then Bloody Blogger and The Question and guess what the least popular post or page was?   Tail between the legs – bio of the main author – one hit.   LOL.

This site began on January 14.   Mk 4 will begin on Feb 23rd.

Though it’s fair to say NO is down at this time, the theme and WP in general have been quite pleasant to use, apart from the autosave business.     However, I hear the criticism of WPDC from the visitor.   Not for much longer.


5 responses to “WordPressdotcom so far

  1. …..you have no visitors from South America?
    I shall have to do something about that 🙂

  2. Why so obsessed about the stats?

    Stats are mostly random one off visitors…

    It is continuing readership you should really be focusing on…

  3. As indeed I do, JD and Cherie. Do I often run posts on stats?

  4. Often enough for me to notice them 🙂


  5. I’ll try and drive up your traffic from Ireland, click, click, click