For the love of Scotland

In the spirit of reconciliation and tolerance you’ve come to expect at Nourishing Obscurity, may I make a humble suggestion or eight for the resolution of this Scottish Question?

1.   Play for it on the rugby pitch.    We could swing low and you could sing this but note the kids in the vid – they don’t know the words, so wherefore Scottish nationalism?

2.  We could just throw in the towel and become Scottish – here’s some of the fabulous cuisine they’d bring to Derby and even further south and some bonny lasses to boot:

And here’s how to go about it:

3.  Make it compulsory in schools to learn this ditty:

There’ll then never be any dispute – each to their own road.

4.  Learn from Rab that ye can take the boy out of Scotland but ye can never take Scotland out of the boy:

5.  Buy Andrew’s book – see sidebar.

This will no longer be a common sight in London as we stream north of the border:


2 responses to “For the love of Scotland

  1. Well thank-you for the urging for people to buy my hugely entertaining novellas James, and people should perhaps hurry before they have to buy in Scottish Bawbees, or even Euros. However, I rather suspect you’ll still be stuck with us come September (unless David Cameron keeps urging us to vote No, as that is guaranteed to make many vote Yes).

  2. …and what are you going to do, young James, without our wonderful folk music tugging at your heartstrings?