Save us please from this type, Ed West

Demotix 9th July 2011Child journo Laurie Penny

It was either going to be the right unable to stop Clinton and why or else it was going to be Ed West on feminism.

Might as well do what I know better:

Why are feminists intolerant? It’s age, not sex [Ed West]

Well it is gender, of course but he does make a good point that it is the young woman who then becomes so trapped in her misandry that she never grows up, not unlike socialists and she stays that way all the rest of her life, like some female Adorno or Benjamin.

An example does spring to mind.    Years ago, at a teachers’ seminar, there were the usual speakers, of which maybe two or three were worth listening to and they really were.   The keynote speakers were people from outside teaching who’d excelled in some field or other.

On the list was someone the organizers were feting as the next great thing, the radical hope of society [I was still young and susceptible to leftist ideas], some final year schoolkid who was the real deal we were constantly told at the end of other speeches.

Whilst most of us would immediately show some cynicism at someone built up this way, there’s also the parent factor.   Every parent is proud if his or her progeny, if not prodigy, can step up and deliver a flawless speech, so I’d say everyone was willing to cut her some slack.

Not only that but we could see her over by the side and frankly, she was a honey.   As readers also know, the honeys of the world – the Amanda Knox’s etc. – do live a charmed life due to our attitude.

Reflecting on the MC who was obviously taken by this girl, w-e-e-e-l-l-l-l, she was in the teaching profession and kids were our stock in trade.

I’ll not dwell on her speech too long.   Let me draw an analogy – Michele Bachmann in Iowa.   She’d done fantastically, as the things she was saying were music to Republican ears, she was direct and not wishy-washy like the others [with the exception of Ron Paul] and delegates clearly thought they’d cut her some slack and put a bomb under the others.

Sadly, it either went to her head or to her advisers’ because at the convention/dinner/whatever, she marched in as if she was royalty, to huge fanfare, having refused to enter the hall with, I think it was, Rick Perry.

It did not go down well and that was the end of Michelle Bachmann.   Some regulars might recall I was running her ad at this site for a while.

This girl at this seminar now entered to fanfare and a standing ovation too – here was the voice of youth, the hope of our generation.

OK, I’m not going to call her an ignorant little cow or start speaking of grandmothers and eggs being sucked.    The best thing to say is she’d clearly practised, at someone’s behest, striding up to the microphone and seizing it, haranguing basically anyone over 30 for the status quo whereby this social wrong or that was all their fault.

There’s one name from the past couple of weeks which springs to mind and this girl even looked like the one I’m about to name – Laurie Penny, Penny Red.    But it’s a type – you can include Cecilie Duflot under that heading, she of the floral dress in parliament,  Mensch, Brooks, C Smith, just to name a few.   Rachida Dati.

Just what is it with the type?   This Pussy Riot, fornicating in a church, still has some sort of following – there’s no accounting for some people.   And all these chicks are seized with the righteousness of their cause and you will do as they say and do it now.

I’ve taught the age over a decade and a half, I’m very much for them overall, I’ve helped many of them get on but when they start getting these airs and combine it with the ignorance of youth, then the most polite thing is to cough and get on with whatever else you had to do.

Or write a post like this which the type will never read anyway.


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