Shameless in Sunderland

Stolen shamelessly from the TPA:

Meet the Sunderland councillor charging us £11,000 for travel and meals

Most people are aware that councillors now get a basic allowance in recognition of the costs they incur in that role. But did you know that many are also additionally claiming for travel and meals enjoyed while on council business, even if they are only away from home for a few hours?

Meet Neville Padgett, a councillor in Sunderland.

Official figures show that on top of the basic allowance of £8,369, last year he somehow claimed a whopping £7,084 in travel allowances, including more than £1,150 in mileage payments (at £22.95 a time) for the 51-mile tour of his Washington East ward he conducts virtually every weekend. Add to that the £4,000 bill for the 274 meals he claimed – more than all the other councilllors combined.



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  3. All sorts of issues today at this site.

    All sorts of issues today at this site.