A more serious proposal for Scotland … and for the rest of us too …

Though it’s a tad unfair to run this while comment approval will be intermittent today, the thoughts are rolling off now and they’ll have been forgotten later.

It’s only attitude and prejudice … all right, historical atrocities too … which sees Scotland and England at loggerheads … all right, it’s the EU agenda too.

Call it naive but most people, it seems to me, see the Scottish border roughly where it is, with no further south than Berwick really being the accepted limit.

Australia has a federal system as does the States and division of powers is no great problem overall – sure there are demarcation issues but it largely works. Methinks Westminster would be the federal parliament and the English Assembly somewhere else, the Scottish Assembly, Welsh, Northern Irish etc.

As Andrew said, most Scots will vote to stay in but some things must end, e.g. the Barnett and West Lothian. Such a model as proposed here would surely meet most of the criteria.

As for the EU, we clearly need to be out but look at Autonomous Mind re the chance of success of a referendum. If the govt had the cojones to put this model in place, then they’d have the cojones to leave the EU anyway.

It’s that Clegg and other quislings are preventing this happening which is the issue. That’s another topic.

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2 responses to “A more serious proposal for Scotland … and for the rest of us too …

  1. The problem with having an “English Assembly” in a Federal system is that England has about ten times the population of each of the other obvious regions. A federal system in which England is divided into regions such as North East, North West, Midlands, London, etc would seem more logical to avoid domination. or even just falsely perceived domination, by one much larger region than the rest, although perhaps a system in which “England is divided” would not appeal. Without revealing any personal preference, I do expect that Scotland will vote to stay in the UK and the UK will eventually vote to stay in the EU. Reform of the EU may be your only (if remote) hope (other than sailing off in your boat, of course).

  2. England is undivided, Andrew. No EU games for us.