The importance of politicians’ backsides

rbm noor range chairsVia the TPA again:

Parliamentary authorities have been criticised for having “expensive tastes” after it was disclosed that chairs for a canteen popular with MPs and peers cost taxpayers almost £33,000.

The Scandinavian-designed chairs, which cost almost £110 each, were placed in the atrium of the Portcullis House building for MPs and peers using the office building’s restaurants and a popular coffee shop.

Some 300 of the chairs, made by Rabami (RBM), were purchased in November last year and details of the cost were released in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

The RBM website describes the Noor model chosen by the Parliamentary authorities as a “contemporary classic that marks a new beginning in vitalising spaces and relations” providing “classic Scandinavian quality and functionality”.

The 300 black, upholstered chairs purchased in November last year, cost £32,955 excluding VAT.

The figure emerged after it was disclosed MPs spent £250,000 of taxpayers’ cash on portraits of politicians since 1995.

Sure you’d agree that pollies backsides are an important expense the taxpayer should just grin and bear with.


7 responses to “The importance of politicians’ backsides

  1. I thought they had to stand for Parliament?

  2. Parliamentarians’ backsides?

  3. Not so much a gravy train and more a leather backed gravy armchair isn’t it?

    Considering how much time Politicians spend gassing on in debates and select committess about what my late Grandfather used to call “bollocks” perhaps they should do without chairs and be made to stand at meetings instead – they’d get debates done far more quickly an efficiently I reckon

  4. How much do they spend on gimp suits?

  5. They could have had perfectly functional Scandanavian design at IKEA for about 20 quid a chair.

  6. “A politician is an arse upon which everyone has sat except a man.”