Site news – first view

The build was quicker than expected and though still some days away, it’s certainly not now going to be as far away as the 23rd, nice though that auspicious day for me might have been – it will be far earlier.

It’s been a long haul which was complicated by people between the server and me having issues of their own. I might have been able to launch earlier in a half-assed way but this seemed worth the wait.

new NO small


7 responses to “Site news – first view

  1. It is nice to see that you are hanging onto Bookman, and appear to espouse (the dreaded) Helvetica. Wither you go, I shall seek you out. Thanks.

  2. I prefer Verdana, m’self, but I do like the new look.

  3. (Bit of a bugger not being able to make corrections/additions. No ‘edit’ facility.)

  4. New site does not offer Bookman although it can be brought in. Verdana tends to be too big but might replace the Arial. Arial does allow more text in the space.

    Corrections/additions is a plug-in and we have to be careful which plug-ins are uploaded as that may have been the issue. So it will be a slow, one-by-one build.

  5. Times New Roman for that classic look

  6. I see a ‘rest a while with me’ image 😉

  7. Yep, not long to go now.