Two opposite ends of the earth, two opposite issues

We have our floods and:



2 responses to “Two opposite ends of the earth, two opposite issues

  1. Ah, they are suffering from incompetent fools as well.

    It used to be that fire breaks were kept clear and dead wood was cleared from the surounding area. Some time ago the greens got the upper hand and insisted that the bush be allower to return to ‘as nature intended’, fires are the result of that. The problem is exasibated by the fact that people live in those ateas now and suffer because things get burned.

  2. After a few weeks of glorious weather here (and a few bushfires), interrupted by a very strange flurry a few days ago, today we have a bit of rain. Gentle stuff. The flurry was a bit of a shocker. From out of nowhere it came – a deluge and high winds which culled a few trees and many more branches in the park behind my place. It was over in an hour and back to sunny again.

    What often gets overlooked in the Oz hot weather issue is the reaction of gum trees to prolonged lack of rain. They do a sort of ‘core protection’, restricting moisture to the trunk at the expense of branches. Those branches are then apt to simply fall off. It can be quite a surprise hearing the sudden ‘crack’ as a large branch – really large- dropping from 50′ up.