Arabs losing the plot [2]


It’s not everyday one hears criticism of Arabs coming out of Saudi Arabia.

It may be indicative of a growing sense of an historical change needed or about to occur, altering the balances between the belligerent ‘parts’ of Islam and maybe even an alignment with western ‘values’ – just as we are losing all semblance of them ourselves.

An amazing Saudi Arabian Journalist says –

“Today, however, [we face] a reality that exceeds imagination, [and includes] decapitations, bombing houses with explosive barrels, the rape of women, and the expulsion of millions of innocent civilians. [Now] the Zionists no longer have to try and distort the image of the Arabs using American cinema and global media, [for] the Arabs have provided them with a short cut.

“Now the world need only follow the news in order for to know how cheap human life is in Arab countries!”


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