Northwest storm live blogging


19:00: Still pretty wild but unless it gets worse, signing off from this post. Going to bed early to watch Clara er the last Doctor Who – The Name of the Doctor.   Boat’s still solid.   New bed’s nice too.

18:00: Raining inside my place onto the bags, thinks beginning to break out there on the house, seems to be getting stronger. How are the commuters at this time?

17:06: First loss of power, came back on. I’ll blog till it dies. My place is right at the point the elements hit – top of large mansion. Oops, power just went again.

17:01: Sky over river opaque, water scudding across the water and other water scudding across that. Not dry. Was talking today to locals about flooding possibilities – how could it, they asked – everything is a waterway around here, taking it out to sea. Just had a bad gust come through and almost took the roof off. Lots of fun.

16:43: Hit like a smackeroo blurby, branches straining – actually flapping – things flying about in the yard, boat as solid as a rock.


3 responses to “Northwest storm live blogging

  1. Its been pretty bad here too.

  2. Seems to be across the Pennines too although theirs has turned to snow.