Tale of another police chief parachutee


Former parachutee Christine Nixon, who reduced the Victorian Police Force to the ineffectual farce that it is now, has shown her own contempt for the rules she applied to others.

As per the usual way.

Former Victorian police chief Christine Nixon caught driving unregistered car

Ms Nixon was heavily criticised in the aftermath of the Black Saturday bushfires for her decision, while police chief, to go out for dinner with friends on the evening of February 7, 2009, when 173 Victorians died.


Having secured her life-time pension and perks, she swans off with more Government sinecures, disregarding the rules that apply to anyone else. And of course, her ex-buddies virtually let her off.

Have you noticed this sameness to the look, the modus operandi and the result with these parachutees? Uncanny, is it not?


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