The sheep are panicking up our way

Cab Q

Was just in town now and did something profligate – took a taxi. Did the doings and laden with bags, went to return by taxi, not bringing the phone with me but chancing the taxi rank.

Trouble with the rank is it’s a fair way off and though downhill in the out direction, to walk back to town is uphill. Should have known when I saw a dozen people waiting down there. We all thought the taxis were parked the other side of the precinct where they’re guaranteed higher fares.

Eventually one came and once inside, I asked him why no taxis for half an hour. There are, he said – you’re in one.

Then he said that everyone was calling for them because Prince Charles had said something or someone else had about 80mph winds up this way around 13:00 today. It’s 12:25 now. Driver said everyone panicked and rushed out to get shopping in – I wondered why the shops were full on a Wednesday, usually a slow day in town.

Now how effing stupid to rush out like that. I mean – people are rightly called sheep.

I checked the Beeb just before going and it said 30mph and rain – not an issue. It was my regular shopping day anyway. So there are all these people in blind panic over not having enough food when their fridges and freezers are crammed.

For the record, I bought some mince and Dover sole, as well as the core items – veg, fruit.

And choc.


OK,  I take it back – there are warnings and it has started out there:

beeb forecastI admit it’s fanciful but doesn’t it seem interesting – south and south-east get it and we escape.   So, someone orders it for up here and contacts the media and then, on cue, it hits the parts of England which missed out on the past few weeks’ mayhem.

Reading the Beeb blurb, seems we could be losing our power – this was the main idea, of course.   There are two more scheduled posts today at NO but if you see no more after 5 p.m. or if I miss a Skype schedule or whatever, you’ll know why – I’ve been killed by a giant branch crashing through the roof and skewering me to the floor.


It will be interesting to see if the North East has its turn in a few weeks.   By the way, it just started raining from the ceiling in this flat.   I’ve put out the bucket and sponges and have the sandbags at the ready.

See you when I do.


6 responses to “The sheep are panicking up our way

  1. A colourful crowd considering the dull weather. And no girls on bikes. What’s up? Talking of bikes, I ‘sold’ another electric bike yesterday. Not quite personally, but I gave a trial ride to a chap who admired it and asked me about it. I told him I would send the website details if he would give me his email, which he did. A while later the website chap emailed to say the trial-ride chap had ordered one and so I was in for a $80 bonus! Yeah ! That’s the third bonus he has sent. ( I see he has put his prices up by $200 and has a ‘better’ model now.)

  2. May be the type of thing I need to get into before long. Just at that point now where I’m struggling on some steep hills.

  3. We have around 10°C, no wind, blue skys, and sun.

    I am sitting on the balcony with my beer and my pipe.

    And it has not rained for over a week and a half.

    My comisertaions, although, had you believed the Express, you would still be under 16 feet of snow for another six hundred days, or something.

  4. I am wondering where you have been for the last week or so. It has been rainy and windy on and off for a while. Todays weather was predicted a few days ago. You can follow the warnings here:
    I find it better than the beeb.

    My back garden is waterlogged, the flood barriers are up at Shrewsbury and Irongbride. Even so parts of Shrewsbury, Atcham and Ironbridge are flooded. The excess water has to go somewhere… Worcester is under water again!

    I was thinking just this morning that with all this rain we have been having you might just have to get in your boat before it floats off without you 😉