The EU, UKIP, the Harrogate Agenda, Autonomous Mind

hd4By Wiggia:

There is something very strange going on, with the three main parties worried that UKIP might at last have enough potential votes to effect their status quo, those who in the past broadly supported the party and Farage are putting the boot in.

The reasons to a degree are valid if the minutiae of things said or printed or indeed not are examined in that way.





But in the case of those involved with the Harrogate Agenda, however laudable their intentions and plans it appears to have got personal, the constant attack from Dr Richard North on his blog and now that of his supporters at what seems every opportunity has gone beyond fair criticism and become a campaign.

As I have said to a degree I see where their coming from, but what do they offer in way of an alternative, however good their plans for change are they are not anything more than a dozen men in a phone box in Harrogate, they have no platform, no supporters in a sense that will make them be heard, if they want their worthy vision (for the most) to get out there they will have to form a party and stand, this they do not seem to be prepared to do,which begs the question what is their objective.

Farage and UKIP  certainly have faults, but as long as the EU policy is adhered to I will vote for them, despite all the hand wringing about letting Labour back in , if indeed that is what voting UKIP achieves, and there are doubts on that, I for one no longer care, the identikit parties that have for several decades failed abysmally in so many areas especially regards the EU need challenging big time if the only, before it is to late, option is UKIP I will take that chance with my vote, I see no alternative all other options have been tried and failed  and time is running out.

For those involved with the Harrogate Agenda it’s time for a strategy in getting the message out to the wider public as at this moment in time I doubt very much if more than 0.1% of the population has even heard of them, so this endless bashing of all things UKIP and Farage sadly seems no more than a form of penis envy as he has a platform and they don’t.


6 responses to “The EU, UKIP, the Harrogate Agenda, Autonomous Mind

  1. I agree. I don’t think much of UKIP, but see no other option for casting a protest vote with some chance of rocking the boat.

  2. BernieInPipewell

    Re UKIP very well said, it seems to have become an obsession with Dr North

  3. Why is Richard North, a failed eurocrat and part time author, considered to be the swami of the independent thinkers. He is not infallible and appears to be a one trick pony. Everything he says should be taken with a large spoonful of salt.

    To those that are decrying UKIP there is one question they should be asked, can you do better and have you tried? In all cases I think the answer to that is no, thus, until they have tried and managed to do better they should stop mouthing off and crawl back under the bridge they came from.

  4. If UKIP aren’t controlled opposition I’ll eat my hat.

  5. ….read that Slog post last night and it was hopelessly wrong about the EU proposals – it was to allow ‘restoration’ of wetlands and not about flood defences.
    John Ward spent too long peddling merde in Marketing/advertising he can no longer tell the difference between bullshit and reality. 🙂

  6. Have left an answer to the opposition over on OoL