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There are so many things to comment on and this post now is intended for those who have at least got past the narrative as presented by Them in most areas. I’ve limited energy, not being 100%, so shall attempt to be brief, unlike yesterday.

The way I think of the sinking site [established in the mid 80s] at about 41.7N and 49W is that if you look at the top map, if you take a line directly out from NY and another line SSE from the east of Newfoundland, that is it.  It’s about halfway across to the Azores, which in April is around 12/13 degrees C on land.

However the water is warmer than that. The reddish part of the gulf stream is around the 25-27 degree mark, the yellow around 20 degrees, the green around 15 degrees.

Unfortunately, the provided gulf stream map does not include the site of the sinking but I’m guessing it is between yellow and green.  I’d have a stab at 15-18 degrees C in the water in April, based on the above. Around 62-64F.

The writer says the passengers would survive far longer than deCaprio but in another part, says there were none anyway.  As he himself noted though, the main anomaly is that it sure wasn’t an iceberg which sank them.

That’s before we get into any of the other anomalies. What we have, therefore, is a similar situation to today where Them have lied, they have also found that people’s lives are quite expendable- war, 911 – all for their self-protection.

Put that way, it’s hardly a surprise, is it and yet so many of earth’s humans can’t get it through their skulls that a small group could very easily do 911 without the slightest compunction.  This has been a sticking point previously.

You see, I come back to Nero Wolfe who had caught a killer who was the rich lady’s secretary.  He had seen a lie of hers, a minor lie but still a lie and therefore, he proceeded as if everything she said could well have been lies. Seems a good procedure to me.


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  1. From Distant Relative:

    Mathis mentions the insurance links to various people involved with the Titanic – something I hadn’t considered before but which makes sense considering all the other anomalies. Also interesting to me was the John Jacob Astor mystery. I’ve heard many rumours about him faking his own death – easy to do in this instance. Btw, David Cameron’s wife is an Astor. The interconnectedness of all these shenanigans does my head in at times.

    Don’t forget the links here: 🙂

  2. Bill adds:

    Not able to comment on the wordpress backup so its ‘off topic’ here.

    Re the Titanic Olympic. Following pictures and their captions across the web it seems that the four stackers were actually three working stackers and one fake stacker said to ‘add ventilation to the engine room and lower decks’.
    It isn’t difficult to remove the faker and hey presto the four stacker becomes a brand new ship. They actually did it one of the four stackers to keep it in service after ditching coal and going over to oil according to a couple of the sites.
    Not saying that is what happened but it isn’t hard to do. As big as a 50,000 tonne liner is it’s an easy thing to hide whilst at sea. More difficult when it comes into port but doable.

    There were only 9 four stackers produced. Most had white superstructure and black hulls and in profile they all looked very similar as do all of the three stackers.

    There is one photograph of the Olympic and Titanic on the slips in Belfast. The bow of the Olympic and its slip way look as though they have been fiddled with or painted in.
    There is another photograph of the twins together in the fitting out berth and drydock area. Apparently Olympic is the ship being drydocked to have a propeller blade repaired, using one from Titanic, naturally.
    Try telling them apart in that image.

    One other caption under the same image used on a different page says that its the Olympic being berthed after its collision with HMS Hawke.
    One image captioned differently to two events on the same site.

    Whatever happened it sure as hell isn’t the tale the media had ready for the day after the sinking.